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  1. The impression I've gotten is that they like Oluokun so I don't think LB is high on their priority list. I also don't see why people think the Falcons are going to take a RB high. They have their stop gap and have a few players with potential behind him. I'd like them to target someone like Delpit, Blacklock, or Madubuike but if they took Cushenberry, Jackson, or Hennessy in the 2nd then I wouldn't be surprised. It's not like Carpenter and Brown are reliable options at LG and they also desperately need an heir apparent to Mack, who has noticeably declined.
  2. So some experts don't think it's dangerous. Noted.
  3. If you’re expecting Biden to be progressive or an improvement then you’re a mark.
  4. If we're going the rebuild route then I'd prefer to pick up Ryan's heir. Can't build around a WR.
  5. Just thinking about how that team would be built makes me mad. I'm glad we don't live in that reality.
  6. I would have stopped watching NFL if they took another WR.
  7. "Pete Prisco: I don't love this pick. I think desperation forced this pick because they have issues at corner. They saw the first two corners go off the board and stood pat and went corner. There were pass rushers available." Who? Chaisson? lmao
  8. Loving all the takes that they should have traded down first after watching no one trade down except for the 49ers, and that was just moving down one pick.
  9. Popping in to say that I'm ok with the the AJ Terrell pick.
  10. I was expecting a surreal experience with this draft but I still wasn't ready for this.
  11. Dr. Manhattan giving a **** about the crisis is the most unbelievable thing about this.
  12. This isn't good chaos. Good chaos is ruining the tank efforts of a bunch of teams to get Tua and making them watch him ride the Falcons bench for 2-3 years and throwing a stick in the spokes of every narrative going into this draft.
  13. Just had the thought of the Falcons trading up to get Tua at #2 and all the chaos that would cause. I need that to happen now.
  14. Trump saying the Air Force is going to do air shows over major cities as tribute to healthcare workers might be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
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