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  1. Their 7th round picks will probably be starters given how bad that roster is.
  2. Glad I don't have to worry about the Falcons drafting Epenesa now.
  3. This edge class can be summed up with Chase Young being followed by a guy who only had 6.5 sacks.
  4. That pick has convinced me that there is some sort of major red flag with Dobbins that we don't know about.
  5. This edge class is terrible and I want nothing to do with it.
  6. Interested to see what they do in the 3rd round because they addressed the two big needs and I can't think of a S that makes sense who is still on the board. Maybe they'll go iOL then.
  7. Really liking that Grady/Marlon interior duo. Should collapse the pocket enough for the speed rushers to be useful on the edge.
  8. Broncos loading up on WRs in a deep WR class. Probably the smart move.
  9. I'm assuming the Falcons draft Cushenberry or Hennessy now.
  10. Second night in a row the player I wanted was snatched just ahead of the Falcons pick.
  11. I don't think ESPN is going to top that dead relative story. They can stop doing them now.
  12. Hope this isn't the start of a run on S. I need Delpit to be there for the Falcons so I can be upset when they don't draft him.
  13. From the reports I've read the Raiders were considering him at #12 but they opted for Ruggs instead and the Dolphins were also apparently considering him at #18... So it sounds like NFL teams were much higher on him than mock draft experts and he went in the range that NFL scouts graded him at.
  14. Remember how they edited their article about Biden's sexual assault allegation because the Biden campaign asked them to?
  15. Looking over Terrell's games against Ohio State and LSU. Ohio State basically stopped trying to throw at him not that long into the game. The only receptions he gave up seem to have been on broken plays that Fields extended. LSU it looks like he was put on an island against Chase, who will most likely get comped to Green and Julio for next year's draft, and he had sticky coverage on him throughout. The problem he faced was that you can only do so much 1 on 1 against a WR that good who has a QB who consistently throws perfect passes. He wasn't helped along by the 1st quarter TD Chase
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