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  1. They are. I also don't see the point in delaying them further especially when you know full well your side is going to lose the PR battle. No one but the most bitter Democratic partisans are going to side with them over this. IIRC, a big reason why this is going to take so long is that they only have direct deposit info of ~40 million Americans and they can only print out 20 million checks per week. Sort of a glaring red flag about how outdated that portion of the infrastructure is and should be revamped. Too bad we all know nothing will be done about that.
  2. Seven weeks after saying sending out checks was a bad idea she's now finally considering that maybe we should consider it. Leadership in this country is so hapless and outdated.
  3. Trying to delay the checks over petty **** will go over well, I'm sure.
  4. You say the last part like it's not already happening.
  5. It is pretty interesting to watch liberals show their true colors by setting their own social projects like #MeToo on fire just to protect a senile ******* though.
  6. He played in box safety a bit but his game is strongest when he can use his range and ballhawking skills. Seems more like a single high type than in box in the NFL from what I've seen and read.
  7. Assuming they don't trade back in and their 7th round pick doesn't amount to much then this has been a non-flashy, solid draft, which is all I really wanted.
  8. Probably who they intend to replace Allen with in a year or so.
  9. He's going to be doing this all day tomorrow. Maybe he can gain America's respect by nursing a bottle of Jack throughout.
  10. Belichick seriously must think Stidham is his QB of the future lol
  11. Roger can't even be bothered to stand up for the picks anymore.
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