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  1. Lefty twitter tradition is that when you get retweeted by someone terrible you change your display name to attack that person.
  2. I don't approve of either. Just pointing out that trying to prevent challenges didn't start with this election since that was the implication of the other post.
  3. Democrats also cancelled primaries in 2012, iirc. The big difference is that they did so well in advance, not in the middle of the process.
  4. You say that after pointing to favorability polling, which you pointed to for a year+ as evidence that Booker or one of the other irrelevant candidates was going to surge to victory.
  5. Interesting that you would post this at 10:22 PM MOSCOW time!
  6. Just to reply to this with something that isn't tongue in cheek: During the Kavanaugh controversy his defenders' routinely defended him by saying that she was lying since she waited so long to go public with it, was clearly being political opportunistic, didn't tell enough people, etc. to brush off the accusations. They were, justifiably, responded to with being totally out of touch. Victims of such things usually don't publicize it due to cultural shaming involved, especially when made against powerful officials and it was pointed out over and over again that she did corroborate it, so o
  7. We both know the state Supreme Court race and Republicans forced it to move forward because they thought it would help them win it. This is honestly gross of you to use it to push the narrative that it's Bernie's fault. Shame.
  8. They especially still believe that any and all criticisms of Democrats are the result of Russian bot networks. The latest round of that regarding the Biden allegations has been especially gross.
  9. So they can just get rid of whoever they want from ballots if they want to regardless of the state of their campaign. Cuomo stated they'd move to an all mail in ballot for this primary. Likewise, they still have elections going on for that date. This talking point is as horse**** as when you parroted CAP the last time.
  10. Can states now just get rid of whoever they want from ballots even if the campaigns are still active?
  11. Ever notice how they all completely dropped the Russiagate hysteria the moment it became clear that Mueller wasn't going to get rid of Trump?
  12. Suspending a campaign isn't the same as ending it. The campaigns are still officially active.
  13. Remembering that study that demonstrated that the people most hostile to democracy were centrists.
  14. That's usually how it works. People can usually deal with cataclysms if the system they live in is sturdy enough and/or they have effective leaders to navigate the disaster to keep the key portions of the system intact. The Third French Republic, for example, survived the duel disaster of WW1's Western Front primarily being fought on their territory and the Spanish flu despite generally incompetent leadership both politically and militarily. Likewise, the United States was facing significant risk of social upheaval during the Great Depression but FDR made enough changes to the present capitali
  15. I talked about that in the nuked thread. Things we took for granted to provide stability are dissolving all around us but our leaders are either in a capitalist death cult or fanatical technocrats whose political imagination doesn't go further than just tweaking things. Totally inept leadership, economic implosions, and factors that dramatically increase the anxiety of the people (eg. famines, pandemics) is a combination that provides a pressure cooker for social unrest and revolutions.
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