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  1. Our health insurance system for decades relied on subsidies to companies so they could afford to provide health insurance to their employees with government programs trying to remove as many as the more costly customers from the market as possible. However, the healthcare industry started to become too expensive for this to handle which is why the collapse began in the 90s and reaching a head in the lead up to the 2008 election. Unfortunately, Obamacare just wound up being a major tweak of the existing system in an attempt to prop it back up instead of real reform which is why it is struggling
  2. With that proposal you have people join pseudo unions that are based on employment with the only purpose of negotiating health insurance prices. That is basically how our system works already except you're just removing the responsibility from employers to provide the insurance. It also relies completely on the assumption that the only reason prices are high is because people just can't negotiate well enough when, in reality, they are caused by a systemic collapse of the subsidized employer based, for profit health insurance system, along with a slew of other issues at the health provider leve
  3. That would just extend our already God awful and collapsing work based insurance system.
  4. Sounds like someone doesn't want to acknowledge that his waifu does the same stuff as Billy boy.
  5. All I know is that Clinton and Trump partied with Epstein on his sex plane. If that makes Clinton a pedophile then it stands to reason that it also makes Trump a pedophile.
  6. Trump also partied it up with Epstein so I guess you'll acknowledge that Trump ****s kids.
  7. I was unaware that Manafort's nickname was, "Trump Tower."
  8. "The FBI is investigating Trump's campaign." FAKE NEWS! *One year later* "The FBI investigated Trump's campaign." YOU LIBS DIDN'T BELIEVE TRUMP!
  9. I look forward to the handwringing over this.
  10. You mentor people by letting them die of thirst.
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