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  1. Who would have guessed that Tom Price is a sack of ****?
  2. I guess we need to go back to HMFIC's thread now.
  3. I do want to say that Bernie's subsidized college plan was a bad one though. It would have been great if you lived in a state with plenty of colleges to choose from but if you lived in a smaller state with few choices then you were **** out of luck.
  4. Washington got sick of the Iroquois being allied with the British so he ordered a detachment of the Continental Army to conduct a scorched earth campaign in their land. They then began calling Washington the Town Destroyer.
  5. When you're more delusional than Shapiro then that should be your sign.
  6. Those photos of Kelly facepalming were certainly worth 1000 words. That clip of the UN delegates laughing at him was worth more than 1000 words IMO.
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