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  1. He and other NFL owners will likely have a corporate change of heart now that Trump is trying to threaten their bottom line.
  2. Oh dear, the guy who has supported Trump from the start is going to continue supporting Trump to spite his opponents. That’ll show em.
  3. Ignore the naysayers and handwringers. Fight for what is right.
  4. I get that Trump is a moron who says dumb **** to rile up his mouth breather supporters but every so often he says something that makes me roll my eyes and say, "Shut the **** up."
  5. At that point it depends on a number of things regarding laws on the book. Political speech is protected on and off the clock and some states apply that very broadly. That said, it's safe to say you'd get away with it in Georgia since the laws here overwhelmingly favor the employer.
  6. Nope. However, they are employed by that business and are staging a sit in/protest of that business in order to gain better working conditions. Again, your line of reasoning in the same used by bosses throughout our history to crush labor movements. Protests, organizing, thought crimes, etc. all equate to 'not doing your job' and therefore means you must be fired in order to protect the bottom line.
  7. Alright, I'll just be as specific as humanly possible: Employees have a right to express their rights and as long as it does not breech legality (eg. violence) then they should not fear retribution from their employer. This ranges from these NFL players to that ******* who was fired by Google. Employers do not have the right to dominate and punish employees for having perceived thought crimes.
  8. You are now attempting to conflate not doing your job with employees expressing themselves, which has been the go to excuse for a very long time in this country to crush uppity employees. To stick with the NFL here, there is a world of difference between someone like Haynesworth not doing his job and players sitting, kneeling, or holding their fists up during the anthem.
  9. If the employee is within legality then no. When we get into what you're talking about then employees can be fired for stupid reasons, like making the 'brand' look 'bad', to trying to organize labor. Employees should not be beholden to the views of their employers or, in the case of the NFL players, the incessant whining of snowflake viewers.
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