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  1. He took a knee at the end of the song and put his fist in the air.
  2. "How dare people talk about politics in a thread about the owner of the Atlanta Falcons addressing a political issue!"
  3. The problem here, and historically, is not the dissenters. It's the conservatives who foam at the mouth at anything that challenges the status quo and moderates, as MLK put it, "who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice."
  4. Colorado has a law that forbids discrimination based on sexuality, a la federal laws that forbid discrimination based on race. The bakery broke that law and was fined by the state government. They then challenged the legality of that law and lost. So, they can eat ****.
  5. Never said they all were. I pointed out how dumb it was to say the right-wing Berekely protesters were just conservatives and then again pointed out the age old nativist argument that if you weren't born here or look different then you aren't American.
  6. He's just trying to rile his supporters up after yet another Obamacare repeal failure. Luckily this time he has also riled up opposition in a major way.
  7. White supremacists don't care about that.
  8. Maybe don't conflate Nazis with conservatives in a feeble attempt to display liberal and leftist hypocrisy next time.
  9. You're the one who tried to conflate them with conservatives.
  10. Business leaders have often feared strikes more than anything. Can't have organized labor since that hurts the bottom line.
  11. Black fans are more important to the NFL than rednecks.
  12. That would be great both because it's a dumb tradition and, more importantly, to watch the right-wing reaction to that.
  13. Conservative fan fiction is always hilariously sad.
  14. Blank and Quinn are going to make out after they're done kneeling during the anthem.
  15. They ***** endlessly about liberals getting offended too easily only to have a meltdown over athletes kneeling during the anthem. They are stupid, whiny ******.
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