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  1. When you're getting dunked on by Bedwetter then you might want to call it a night.
  2. Japan's age gap isn't due to them having absurdly good healthcare. It is due to them having a population explosion through the 1900s-40s, which played a large role in them trying to create an empire (more land to dump the excess population off on). That tapered off a bit after the war with a fertility rate of only around 3 children per woman throughout the rest of the 40s and 50s. Starting in the 60s it fell to 2 and they have been below replacement levels since the 70s. They also have almost non-existent immigration so they have no real way of bolstering the much smaller younger generations.
  3. Really he's just an all around piece of ****. He makes the world a worse place every time he wakes up.
  4. You can blow up a federal building. That seems to be the way right-wingers protest.
  5. It's not even the first time Jarrett or Poe kneeled.
  6. All of Falcons nation drank a shot and breathed a sigh of relief after that call.
  7. I'd like to keep arguing with y'all but I need to lie down after that game.
  8. If we wait until naysayers say it's the right time to protest then no one would protest.
  9. This has been said about every protest movement as they were occurring, including MLK's nonviolence civil rights movement as I pointed out earlier. The successful movements ignore the noise and the handwringing to carry on towards their goals. Justice is more important than people unaffected by these issues not wanting to feel uncomfortable.
  10. The same thing. Conservatives just refuse to acknowledge it and desperately want it to be something about hating America.
  11. It's truly shocking that race would be brought up regarding a protest about police brutality towards minorities.
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