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  1. It's the go to argument from white supremacists whenever police brutality is brought up. It is meant to conjure up beliefs that blacks are naturally violent and it can't be helped.
  2. "The NFL is doomed because I'm a snowflake." - Moron on an NFL forum
  3. I feel like it we need to remind ourselves that Trump only stirred this **** up after yet another attempt at Obamacare repeal failed. Naturally his dim witted followers foamed at the mouth about that instead of noticing their thick boy failing once again.
  4. lol he actually believes they're protesting the flag. What a dotard.
  5. Never forget the real victims of police brutality and a broken criminal justice system.
  6. The corporations that pulled their sponsorship were the targets of boycotts.
  7. At least Burns went into the basics of why the Vietnamese (and other colonial peoples) revolutionaries turned to communism; It was fervently anti-colonial/imperialist and was easy to digest. That was something we never grasped during the Cold War so the only alternative we ever really provided were authoritarian puppets to squash all opposition, which is exactly what the colonial powers did.
  8. This goes against the United States flag code. Very disrespectful. Unpatriotic.
  9. I'm not going to watch them but I do want to comment on the captions on the third one: "They stood for God Save the Queen but not our anthem," really encapsulates the right's absolute refusal to give any credence to these protests/the depths of their seemingly bottomless stupidity. Unless British police are murdering innocent Americans and getting away with it because their judicial system is so broken then why would they protest them?
  10. They shot themselves in the foot throughout two games so far this season yet are 3-0 and have yet to trail in a game. I'll take that and will wait for them to click.
  11. Snak really loves videos of people ranting in their cars.
  12. They sued the NFL over their legal monopoly status. They won but since the USFL was already dead since Trump forced them to move the schedule into the fall to directly compete with the NFL (the best deals) the jury rewarded them only $1.
  13. And so far all he's done is rile up his smooth brained fan club whenever he falls on his face, from crowd sizes to failing to repeal Obamacare for a 7th time, which this is yet another example of.
  14. They knew it was going to happen yet they went anyway. The best thing to do with the impotent rage of the right is to ignore it and push forward.
  15. The same people who claimed they were boycotting last year over the same stuff are claiming they'll boycott again. Last season the NFL set revenue and attendance records, so maybe these snowflakes have an overinflated value of their impact.
  16. And many of the owners of these brands were on the field with the players protesting in spite of the faux tough guy act by the dotard in the White House and the whimpering of his mouth breathing fan base.
  17. They'll never get sick of him. They're too enraptured by a dotard who gets mad at TV to ever leave him.
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