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  1. He is sponsored by USAA so his decision makes sense. His attempt to retract it also makes sense after seeing USAA basically tell conservatives to go **** themselves after they demanded that they ditch the NFL and stating that they support the protests.
  2. Presuming McCain will continue being a stickler for regular order, Murkowski doesn't accept the bribe, and Rand doesn't change his mind then, yet again, Obamacare repeal is dead on its feet for another, I dunno, day or so before they try to tweak it again.
  3. "Stop pointing out that I'm racist for citing racist sources and get back to me being insanely jealous of minorities who are more successful than me protesting police brutality and making it clear that my side is losing the culture war."
  4. Just remember: He totally isn't a white supremacist because he has never said, "I'm a white supremacist."
  5. Stop letting worthless ******** like snak change the narrative. FFS.
  6. Republicans just want the NFL to be a safe space again.
  7. The NFL broke attendance and revenue records last year despite blithering morons such as yourself boycotting it. Different year, same snowflakes whining.
  8. Someone should look up his reactions to the bakery breaking the law by discriminating against the gay couple, that clerk that refused to give out marriage licenses to gay couples, or anything that Roy Moore has done. It's safe to assume he didn't give a **** about people just doing their jobs or employees bringing politics to their jobs in those instances.
  9. I presume this is you watching the anthem these days. Only a matter of time before something bursts.
  10. Hopefully you have an aneurysm watching players kneel for a minute before a three hour game.
  11. And independent contractors. I don't know if the ********* Google fired was a contractor but it is safe to assume that he was considering how Silicon Valley tends to operate.
  12. It's so sad that Republicans will have to abandon the NFL and college football to make sure liberal institutions will no longer receive their money.
  13. My bad then. IIRC, the Wagner Act doesn't apply to contractors... and we all know how much of a hard on Silicon Valley has for contractors.
  14. Not saying that isn't an issue or that poverty isn't the main driver of it. However, I'm not going to get lost in the reeds about it as chuckle****s like snak want. The protests began to raise awareness about police brutality and to strive for criminal justice reform. The usual suspects view this as a threat to the status quo and are thus doing everything they can to deflect and demonize.
  15. Since, as we all know, I was super supportive of what Google did.
  16. Also, by the by, free speech is protected at work. You should check out stuff like the Wagner Act.
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