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  1. That fire chief is experiencing a lot of economic anxiety.
  2. They tried to win it. The problems they ran into were: 1. Doing the exact same **** the French did which failed to win over the population. 2. Overall leaders completely ignoring ground level leaders who kept saying that we should not get involved or, later on, that the war could not be won after the Eisenhower administration set up South Vietnam. 3. Failing to understand why colonial populations were turning to communism. 4. Instead of providing decent anti-imperialist alternatives to colonial populations we instead kept trying to install right-wing authoritarians. I
  3. These are the kinds of arguments you see when the right knows they're losing the culture war.
  4. Unless you laugh at Sessions at his confirmation hearing.
  5. https://www.axios.com/trump-to-visit-puerto-rico-next-week-2489801571.html President braindead thick boy.
  6. The impotent rage of the right will never cease to be entertaining. Their inability to boycott is also hilarious... Ranging from buying French wine so they could dump it out, to buying Clinton's book to give it bad reviews, to buying NFL tickets so they could set them on fire.
  7. Their antics in Vietnam wouldn't have been possible without Eisenhower carving out South Vietnam, propping up a right-wing dictatorship with the CIA that he had just militarized, and wiping his *** with the promised reunification plebiscite.
  8. Everyone who died in the war after 1954 is on us. The people of Indochina won their independence but we just had to stick our **** in that beehive because Dwight loved his imaginary dominoes.
  9. I haven't paid attention to Cassidy before but he's as much of a right-wing dip**** gremlin as I have heard.
  10. LMAO Tucker Carlson and his ****** propaganda outlet are such jokes.
  11. This is what Republicans think is a smart argument.
  12. Even if the only thing these protests accomplish is letting us see Jerry Jones this unhappy about having to kneel with his players then I say they were worth it.
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