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  1. I'd leave the presidential section blank instead of voting for Hillary again if given another opportunity.
  2. They've invested too much hope and expectations that Trump would win the culture war for them to admit that he's a failure. Meanwhile, Democrats picked up two state legislature seats in Florida and New Hampshire yesterday.
  3. “I totally have the votes to repeal Obamacare but we won’t vote on it because reasons.”
  4. We feared communism in southeast Asia, killed millions in that region, and sacrificed 58,000 Americans to stop its spread but only wound up helping it spread throughout the region. Too bad Eisenhower didn't let things be. He could have worked peacefully with Laos and Cambodia, the more moderate, United States sympathetic wing led by Ho Chi Minh would have controlled Vietnam, and Ike's successors couldn't have ****** things up even more. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Our involvement in WWII was more than justified and even though it was draped in anti-communism our intervention in Korea met with UN guidelines (at least until we pushed past the 38th parallel). WWI was understandable what with Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare and trying to goad Mexico into attacking us if we got involved (which was dumb on a whole lot of levels) though it would have been for the best if we didn't get directly involved with that war. Vietnam, however, wouldn't have happened without the actions of Eisenhower. JFK and LBJ fell into the escalation trap but Ike was t
  6. Twitter just bumped the character limit to 280 characters. Eric Garland is going to go ham.
  7. I'm not going to lie... I wish the ratings for pregame shows were at 0. They are all unbearable.
  8. That said, I am curious as to how stuff like Redzone and streaming are calculated into this since I have yet to see what the ratings for either of those were. I know I'm not the only person who doesn't watch network games (unless it's a Falcons game) when I have Redzone.
  9. Overall ratings were up, especially for ESPN. The network that took the biggest hit was Fox, so I look forward to how the big wigs there make Fox News change their tune this week.
  10. I say the same thing about Republicans in this century.
  11. Yet during boycott weekend the ratings were up.
  12. JFK, LBJ, and Nixon also deserve all the **** they get for their actions in Vietnam. However, if not for Eisenhower's actions then those three wouldn't have been able to make their dumb decisions. As for Nixon himself... he could have pulled out immediately but instead he sought an 'honorable peace,' which was just a nice turn of phrase for trying to twist everyone's arm into making it look like we contained communism (we didn't) in southeast Asia before we pulled out. In the meantime he carpet bombed North Vietnam, expanded the ground war into neighboring countries, and let many, many mo
  13. 1. We didn't have the troops to occupy and pacify half of Vietnam, let alone all of southeast Asia. 2. We invaded, North Vietnamese forces pulled back, we destroyed what depots we could find, and they rerouted their supply lines accordingly, much like they had done for over a decade in South Vietnam whenever we attacked their supply lines and depots there. It was just an expansion of the futile game of whack a mole we were already playing. 3. The Vietcong were incapable of launching another conventional attack after the Tet Offensive but they were still more than capable of conductin
  14. It's really quite simple: Truman did not start a war in southeast Asia. He certainly prolonged it by funding the French war effort by bending to de Gaulle's demands and not wanting to make the strategic situation in Europe questionable (which de Gaulle made questionable anyway, but that is another issue), but he didn't start a war. It was a ****** thing to do and it would have been nice if he told de Gaulle to go **** himself and to have fun with Stalin, since it's extremely doubtful he would have followed through with his threats, but he didn't. He deserves condemnation for these actions
  15. Yes, if Eisenhower accepted that Vietnam and the rest of Indochina successfully won their independence and worked with the victorious forces then the phase of that war we were directly involved in would have never happened. Despite Truman funding the French war effort, which was largely done because de Gaulle was a grade A prick and kept threatening to join the Soviets if we did anything to threaten their empire (including not helping), Ho Chi Minh still held the United States in high enough regard to work with us. Instead he was completely paranoid about his southeast Asia domino theory,
  16. Bob Corker has announced that he will not seek re-election. Bye, *****!
  17. I'm aware. Again, the series addressed that.
  18. LOL 1. We did bomb Laos. The CIA conducted a bombing campaign on that country that led to more tonnage of bombs being dropped on them than we dropped on Germany. Our unexploded munitions there still kill Laotians and collecting material from that campaign is a small chunk of their economy. You can watch something about that here. 2. We did invade Cambodia to disrupt the North Vietnamese supply lines for the Vietcong after bombing the supply lines didn't work. We destroyed some warehouses and supply dumps but, at the end of the day, only made a dent in that operation and all the
  19. The series addressed how FDR supported self-determination in the colonies, which unfortunately did not last after his death, and how Truman funded the French war effort in the region.
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