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  1. 1. Not invade Afghanistan. Use special forces to take out al-Qaeda elements in the country instead. 2. Not invade Iraq. It had literally nothing to do with 9/11. 3. Not conduct bombing campaigns in a dozen+ countries. 4. Not curtail civil liberties by using fearmongering and fake patriotism to sell those measures. But thankfully hotter heads prevailed and due to that we have wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives in a failed attempt to defeat Wahhabist militant groups with direct military action, destabilized entire regions which has only promoted the g
  2. It only really affects the most affluent and is a decent way of reducing wealth accumulation into a few families. All things considered, the estate tax should be increased.
  3. Pretty much. They're basically the ideological children of Little House on the Prairie, a series written by butthurt farmers who didn't like FDR or his New Deal even though they took advantage of everything the New Deal had to offer.
  4. Mmm... No. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahhabism
  5. That was actually a 372D chess move. The Saudis can't fund ISIS if they're spending all of their money on our weapons!
  6. Iraq was invaded because the CIA believed a source codenamed 'Curveball' without question. Curveball told them that Hussein had an active chemical weapons program that couldn't be detected since the labs were in vans (lmao), that he was buying yellow cake, and that they were right around the corner from at least building a dirty bomb. French and German intel said this source was unreliable but thankfully the CIA was competent enough to ignore them and brave patriots showed them by calling calling french fries 'freedom fries,' and boycotting French wine by buying that wine and pouring it out.
  7. Your argument was that Iraq needed to be invaded because 9/11, not that Hussein was a tyrant.
  8. You are essentially arguing that it's a good thing that Republicans will have to deal with the debt ceiling again in the middle of tax cuts for the rich reform efforts because Trump wanted to light a fire under them to get tax reform done. It is dumb as ****.
  9. I mean, sure, he turned the surplus into giant deficits, lied to the entire world so he could start a war for no reason which is something that region has yet to recover from, tore up the North Korean nuclear deal which allowed them to develop nuclear weapons, pushed for Medicare Part D with zero plan to pay for it when signed, curtailed civil liberties, blew up the economy, etc., but I could picture having a beer with him so he was alright.
  10. Democrats opened with three months since it was a ridiculous demand. Three months does nothing more than put extra pressure on Trump and Republicans since they're the ones who will get hit by the flack if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Republicans, conversely, wanted to make sure this wasn't an issue for them for the rest of this Congress. President deal maker took the first offer presented to him, which just so happened to be the Democrats' offer. Now they'll have to deal with the debt ceiling again when they will be in the middle of their fight for tax cuts for the wealthy reform.
  11. lol no it wasn't. The Democrats gave their initial offer to begin negotiations and deal maker immediately accepted it.
  12. Got their debt ceiling demands with zero negotiation and got Trump to announce his support for the Dream Act. We'll see where the latter winds up in the coming months.
  13. Trump provided no policy directive for healthcare reform outside of 'repeal Obamacare' and whenever he tried to whip up votes he just shot himself in the foot (eg. threatening Murkowski). So, I will thankfully disagree that Trump has nothing to do with the GOP being a chicken with its head cut off.
  14. Rand was even less popular than Kasich. At least Trump made him look like a ***** before he dropped out.
  15. Trump, predictably, is trying to sabotage the markets in his tantrum over not being able to repeal Obamacare. This should create an opportunity for the left to sell singlepayer.
  16. They'll kick and scream but they'll remember how their army tripped over their ***** in Syria.
  17. He'll try to blame people like McConnell and Ryan for this but the reality of the situation is that he does not have as much influence as he thinks even among the Republican electorate.
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