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  1. Tom Price has always been a corrupt, hypocritical *******. It should surprise no one that Trump values those traits in his cabinet.
  2. I jerk off to their personality and intellect.
  3. Jon "I'm basically a Republican" Ossoff didn't work out so well despite all the money the DNC dumped on him so Democrats might as well run someone with liberal to left views in almost impossible elections like Alabama to see what happens.
  4. Democrats will continue to be pulled left by their base while Republicans will continue to nominate increasingly cartoonish figures.
  5. It was hyperbole to poke fun at our resident libertarians that some of their homeboys (eg. Smith, the Founders) had radically different opinions than them regarding estates. Obviously Paine's proposals were not adopted since they could be described as a tad extreme.
  6. Alright, now that we've established that you do not know the difference between parties and ideology: The core ideology of the Democratic Party was indeed made up of Southern white supremacy throughout the 1800s and early 1900s. However, that had been phased out starting in the 1930s with the election of FDR through the 70s as the core ideology was replaced with social democracy. That then faded back in favor of neoliberalism starting in the late 1980s and really taking effect in the early 90s. Now we're seeing a tussle between neoliberalism as social democrats and, increasingly, democrat
  7. You understand the difference between political parties and ideologies, right?
  8. Again, this is a very lazy attempt to muddy waters. We're talking about the ideology (libertarians), not the party (Libertarians). Also, libertarianism was not founded on the ideologies of Adam Smith, as has been explained, or even the Founding Fathers. Rather, its roots are in the philosophies of figures like Ayn Rand and Rose Wilder Lane (of Little House on the Prairie fame).
  9. This is such a laughably lazy attempt to muddy waters.
  10. It has bearing on the statement you were responding to.
  11. Economic meritocracy was the point of Smith's position. Not only did the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few stifle economic growth but it discouraged economic meritocracy. Within a system where inheritance was allowed all you had to do in life was be born in the right family and hope your parents didn't squander their wealth.
  12. Sure was. Adam Smith was very opposed to the sustained accumulation of wealth and championed policies that would cut the aristocracy down to size. Too bad libertarians have warped Smith's legacy to fit their worldview.
  13. You can buy them at the estate sale if you want. Or you can get your own **** guitars and amps.
  14. It would have been nice if Founders like Thomas Paine won out regarding inheritance. He wanted the government to seize all assets when someone died, sell them off, and distribute that wealth to the rest of the population... an idea he got from libertarian ubermensch Adam Smith. I guess the other Founders, who were almost all aristocrats and business magnates, really wanted to keep the aristocratic system.
  15. Iraq did have WMDs back in the day. We helped his government make them to use against those **** Iranian rascals.
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