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  1. No. He was drawing attention to issues of police brutality, criminal justice reform, and abuse towards minorities, not flag ******* with those issues tossed in.
  2. lmao Protesting is meant to disrupt the routines and norms of society to draw attention to the ills of the country, to be 'in your face,' and to make those who are comfortable with an unjust status quo uncomfortable. When people say protests would be better received in a quieter, less noticeable way is nothing more than an attempt sugar coat, "Do this in a way so I don't have to pay attention to you."
  3. This is the best summation of this administration I have seen so far.
  4. He said he didn't respect us (me included) in the post I was replying to so, yeah.
  5. "You guys need to respect the flag and troops who died for it! Get politics out of sports!" - People who use dead soldiers as political props to defend ceremonies paid for by the government and demonize protesters
  6. I'm sure you would be completely against the Falcons signing Michael Bennett.
  7. Price will probably run for governor now that he's freed up.
  8. Let's not forget that Republicans are set to let CHIP expire tomorrow, since letting poor children have no healthcare coverage will stick it to the libs.
  9. I don't respect you either if it's any consolation.
  10. Holding the flag horizontally like they do at these dumb anthem ceremonies violates a section of the flag code labeled, "Respecting the flag." That is why this whole attempt to shift the narrative is so dumb. The ceremony itself is disrespecting the flag yet you guys ignore that because you do not want to pay attention to the issues of police brutality and criminal justice reform that these protests are drawing attention to.
  11. It isn't. It's just a trope to help opponents change the narrative.
  12. Those that pretend that everything is fine and spend most of their energy demonizing protesters instead of the powers that be are far, far worse and are never looked on fondly in hindsight.
  13. Opponents to change will always find a reason to gripe about those trying to achieve it.
  14. The people opposed to the protests take their position not because they're truly patriotic or love the troops that much, rather those things are just convenient tropes for them to rally around, but instead because the protests are bringing attention to systemic issues within this country and it makes them uncomfortable. The more they can make it about disrespecting the flag or veterans then the less they have to confront police brutality, a broken criminal justice system, and the rest of the systemic abuse from law enforcement directed at the population, especially towards minorities. If
  15. And people are kneeling because America does not live up to those values or ideals for large segments of the population.
  16. They've been trying to push the, "The tax code is too old," line for weeks.
  17. Which is why opponents should never call it "tax reform." Call it what it is: Tax cuts for the wealthy and/or tax hikes for the poor and middle class.
  18. Impeachment was made easy and removal difficult for a reason.
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