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  1. If you aren’t right now after today then I put your fandom in question.
  2. You guys need to go to a bar and get day drunk like real NFL fans.
  3. Ah, well, I'm sure people will not be encouraged to join the Catalan independence movement now thanks to this well measured police response.
  4. Republicans hate education, even glorified daycare versions of it.
  5. Yeah, except replace all that with sucking Uncle Sam's **** 24/7 since some inbred upper class ********* who gets mad at TV told you to.
  6. He'll probably find an excuse not to go.
  7. I would also like to point out that the video cuts off once the cops start chasing after Bennett and cuts back in when they have him by a cop car. They did not include the video of the take down.
  8. They noticed Bennett running out of the building like about three dozen other people did in the same location. They assumed he was the shooter because of this.
  9. He said he ran out of the casino when there was an active shooting going on and the cops targeted him because he was a black guy ducking behind cover and running away from the scene. The CCTV and bodycam videos back that up. Cool try, though. Blue lies matter.
  10. That is extremely debatable, especially regarding our foreign policy for the past sixty years.
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