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  1. I agree with that. However, it is also abundantly clear that guns make it far easier to commit such violence.
  2. I'm just going to preface this with repeating that I don't want gun bans like those countries: Those countries also just so happen to have vastly lower gun related death rates and murder rates than the United States does. Massacres are a shock to the system which is why gun control laws typically followed massacres in those countries, but it is not like those are the only components.
  3. Machine guns aren't really well suited for shooting from that distance either from what I know. It seems like he just wanted to fire as many shots into the area as possible.
  4. Reports are that he had about a dozen weapons on him so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he had and used both.
  5. I'll try to find it (I read it from a news alert's article after I woke up so I'll have to go through each one to find it) but the gist is that it was either a modified AR-15, or an M-240, or that he used both. I forgot to add the M-240 part but we got pretty fixated on ARs by the time I recalled that. Also, it was a shot at the NRA if anything.
  6. FYI, I didn't call for banning the weapons or wholesale gun bans. In my opinion there is too much laxness in regard to gun safety. People do not receive adequate training regarding how they should use them, maintain them, keep them away from those who should not have access to them, etc. As I mentioned before, I have a friend who is assembling one now and I'm fine with that. He knows what he's doing with the guns he has, from usage to safekeeping, and it is safe to assume he'll continue that with his AR-15. There are many, many other gun owners like that but, sadly, not enough. Also, I re
  7. I'm not even calling for banning the weapons or their sales. If you want a gun, including an AR, then you should get it. All I really want is: 1. Better regulations and some sensible prohibitions (eg. mental health checks). 2. Break the taboo regarding discussing gun laws, especially after yet another massacre happens.
  8. Nah. This is the same song and dance that played out after Sandy Hook, VTech, Orlando, Columbine etc. The only way we'll obtain change is if we break the script.
  9. I have read that he used the civilian equivalent to the M-16. As to why he chose that or his motivations, I dunno. I will wait for more reports to come out.
  10. You can say it is being a narcissistic ******* for being sick of these massacres and watching the same old song and dance already playing out. Nothing will be done about this, sadly. No new legal restrictions, no mandatory training, no deviation from the usual narratives. Due to that you know full well that this will happen agai, and again and again That is extremely frustrating.
  11. Illegality does not negate the relative ease of modification.
  12. You need higher level licenses but, yeah, they are very legal to buy. You can buy them at gun shops or, as one of my friends is doing, buy the components and assemble them yourself. Also, again, they are not difficult to modify.
  13. See my other post. If you don't know the talking points that each side trots out every time this stuff happens then you have a remarkably short memory.
  14. I give it until the end of the day before we see some gun ****** trotting out the usual, "If one of the victims could be legally armed with similar weapons then this would have been prevented," line that we hear every time there is a massacre in this country. Also, I really don't give a **** if people are uncomfortable about politicizing these massacres. The entire reason they keep happening is because people want to pretend they're taking the high road. You can legally buy these guns and they are not difficult to modify.
  15. Alright: Everyone will go through the motions of grief and anger but absolutely nothing will be done about it.
  16. The Spanish government shot themselves in the foot here in a big way. I still don't think Catalan independence is a good idea since it is doubtful they'll be let into the EU, but you're only encouraging separatism with a response like this.
  17. I would also like to apologize again for making your feel bad about the guitar comment.
  18. The best way to create opposition is to try to crush it.
  19. It was pretty full. Once you go there you'll realize there isn't much of a reason to go to your seat. I'm sure it didn't look great on TV but I don't really give a ****.
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