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  1. Remember that time that right-wingers tried to pin the Charlottesville attack on some random Sanders supporter in Michigan? Good times.
  2. https://monthlyreview.org/2009/05/01/why-socialism/
  3. Ease makes people more likely to do something. That includes murder and suicide, unfortunately. Likewise, guns make it more likely that murder and suicide attempts will be successful.
  4. Different circumstances, I suppose. If you're bunched in with more people that will make people more disposed to murder while if you're more isolated you're more disposed to killing yourself. I don't know the ins and outs of that particular subject but that is my best guess. Also, I'm not blaming guns necessarily for these things, but they do make it far easier to kill others and yourself.
  5. As has been mentioned before, guns are linked to murder and suicide rates.
  6. Those states have among the highest suicide rates in the country.
  7. Nah. If you’re a threat they’ll just take you out from afar.
  8. Sorry I didn't take your tuff guy threats against hypothetical government workers seriously.
  9. I wouldn't mind replacing it with one that is way more specific.
  10. I thought I was a communist and/or a liberal. I've lost track.
  11. She was fired for it and justifiably so. Though I can already see Republicans are going to try to paint themselves as the real victims of this massacre.
  12. The latest reports I've read and heard say that he used AR-15s and that he legally purchased them in Nevada and Arizona.
  13. That has pretty much how it has always worked with IFA. Teams would line up their prospects years ahead of time and there was an honor code between the GMs not to **** with each others claims. It was one of the reasons why people were clamoring for a IFA draft since the current system is so broken.
  14. If this was a real Benjamin Franklin quote then it would have included banging French whores.
  15. He advocated massacring Muslim communities and dumping them in mass graves with pigs within an hour or so after the Barcelona attack.
  16. This is just speculation on my part but this is starting to come off as a white nationalist attack. If news has broke that says otherwise, since I haven't been able to stay up to date with the news for most of the day, then please point it out to me.
  17. Not really. Citizens between 18-45 were required to enroll in their state militias and the states and, to an extent, the federal government had to organize those militias to provide a coherent defense of the states and/or to bolster the regular army. Those citizens knew who their ranking officer was and where to congregate when the call to arms was made. The government also compelled them to buy their weapons and supplies, so it's not like it was just people who owned guns feeling a patriotic duty when called upon.
  18. I know. I can't think of any examples of teams turning their fortunes around by selling off their good players from lackluster teams, having some lean years, and winning through their farm system. It especially has never happened in our team's history and was definitely not how the 90s Braves were built.
  19. I wished for a healthy farm system with top flight potential players and that's what I got with some trickling in. Sometimes patience is needed as a fan but unfortunately too many would prefer to watch their teams implode since there is a very small chance they'll win it all.
  20. Nah, I wanted them to blow up the team and focus on the farm system after the 2014 season and impending systemic collapse and they did. I knew that would lead to some lean years for the Major League club but it was something I accepted for the long term health of the team.
  21. The real concern now is MLB stripping our international prospects during the Coppy era away.
  22. Perpetually disappointing with no real hopes of taking the next step?
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