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  1. If this knocks the power out in the middle of a bye week Red Zone Sunday then I'm going to be really miffed.
  2. Between the absurd amount of infighting, corruption, and incompetence of this administration and Equifax not even bothering to do their jobs with sensitive data I'm starting to get the feeling that running the country like a business and the obsessive belief that privatization of public duties will always lead to better results might not be good ideas after all.
  3. To be fair, it is very funny that he called Trump a moron.
  4. Photos of Paddock's body at the crime scene have leaked.
  5. They were originally going to replace him as manager and then stick him in the front office. Obviously that isn't going to happen anymore.
  6. He reportedly had two guns in place at any time and the magazines he used for them carried at least 100 rounds each.
  7. Republicans are trying to hold poor children hostage.
  8. So basically the CDC did a study you don't like and it got you real butthurt.
  9. This will be fun until the state government shuts it down because of dumb reasons.
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