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  1. lol The only group that is potentially more opposed to gun control than gun ******* conservatives are gun ******* leftists.
  2. Yeah. What also gets me is the same people saying that massacres are just the price of freedom we have to deal with are the same people who think Europe is falling apart at the seams whenever there is a massacre there.
  3. None of those kids were real. The parents were just actors trained by the CIA. This is the most respectful way we can protect ourselves from a debate about guns when there is a classroom full of dead kindergartners.
  4. They both need to leave, along with Bobby. There is no way in **** Hart didn't know what was going on and the Schuerholz/Cox clique will never, ever, ever move beyond their good ole boys club which has grown stale. We need a fresh start.
  5. Sigh. When the states are sovereign from the central government then that is a confederation, not a federation as you seem to think. We tried that early on and it failed miserably because the central government was too weak to compel the states who routinely ignored them, especially regarding revenue, to do what they needed to do. This led to the Congress and states getting drowned in debt which, in turn, led to the army almost imploding and then to numerous rebellions, both among the soldiers and general population. In a federation the central government holds authority over the sta
  6. The EC was made because most of the Founders hated/feared 'the mob' and wanted to divorce them as much as possible from electing the Senate and President, which they considered the most important. Likewise, as I mentioned before, the method they picked was a last minute thing they came up with because they wanted to go home by that point. It's an archaic, half assed institution that has diverted wildly from its original intent. The only reason it's still around now is because small states, who get a larger say than they would otherwise, have blocked every attempt to get rid of it.
  7. Again, the crux of this argument is, "No laws really work so why even bother?"
  8. You can try that rubber and glue stuff when I start arguing that an archaic system is the only thing preventing [insert group that rambles my jambles here] from being elected.
  9. My argument is that there is no way of preventing candidates from focusing on particular areas that would benefit them the most.
  10. At least you recognize that your ideas aren't that popular.
  11. Conservatives don't seem to have much confidence in the popularity of their ideals.
  12. Yes. That was my point. Your argument has serious holes in it and I'm pointing them out.
  13. The EC was made at the end of the Constitutional Convention. Since the delegates wanted to go home by that point they just made a half assed system with the EC where Representatives and Senators counted as the votes and called it a Constitution. Also, you clearly do not understand what 'Republic' means.
  14. And? The foundation of this argument is that the EC must be kept because it makes candidates focus on particular states and without it they'd focus on different states. That, for whatever reason, makes it vastly worst. Likewise, making the EC proportional won't solve that issue either. The candidates will just focus on key swing areas within big states. They will still have zero need to go to small states where the chances to flip an EC vote will be much more difficult.
  15. Oh, well, since that clearly doesn't work because criminals ignore it then we shouldn't bother with murder laws anymore.
  16. Whether you have the EC or not they're going to focus their campaigning on a few areas. Likewise, the EC is the biggest hindrance to a viable multi-party system. It is way overdue to get rid of it, especially when you consider it was just a half assed measure the writers of the Constitution came up with because they wanted to go home at that point.
  17. How does this play into the narrative that gun owning white Christian conservatives are the most oppressed group in the country?
  18. Christian norms are being replaced like Christian norms replaced Greco-Roman norms 1,500 years ago. Times change.
  19. Some that I'd like: 1. Money is not speech and corporations are not citizens and thus cannot exercise the rights of one. (They need to remain 'people' for the purpose of lawsuits). 2. Expand the House by a couple hundred seats and enact proportional representation. 3. If you want to own a gun then you have to join a state regulated militia (eg. National Guard). 4. Abolish the electoral college. 5. DC voting rights.
  20. And the evil done by man can be made exponentially worse given the tools available to him.
  21. The new forecasts show Nate moving to the west. Hopefully that continues in the next few forecasts.
  22. The crux of this argument is that no laws work so there's no point in having them.
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