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  1. Going to spend the next few months trying to figure out if red or blue MAGA is worse.
  2. The Karens would be the small business owners screaming about how it's fascism that they can't fertilize their lawns. The workers are scheduled to have a strike tomorrow.
  3. That's a feature, not a bug. Can't let the poors think they'll be taken care of if disaster strikes. It's their job to put their lives on the line so profits stay safe.
  4. Considering that they've been strained while we've been implementing measures to slow the spread I think it's safe to assume that they won't be able to handle a second spike very well. We're basically just repeating what happened during the Spanish flu, right down to the protests against the most basic measures to contain the spread of the disease since they were against our Constitutional rights for some reason.
  5. The problem is that the minimum guideline to start reopening without a significant threat of causing another spike is a two week decline in cases. Zero states have managed to pull that off yet so this will undoubtedly cause another flare up, a la what happened during the Spanish flu when states and localities rushed to do the same thing back then.
  6. This crisis is exposing how rotted out this system is yet both parties are trying desperately to prevent it from collapsing instead of even considering that it should be replaced.
  7. Amash, and really any Libertarian, will be completely irrelevant this go around. Just goes to show how absurdly insecure liberals are that they're treating this as a doomsday conspiracy against them.
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