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  1. So in the pocket of China to protect their international image that they issued social distancing and testing guidelines and recommendations to every government 10 days after the Chinese governments first announcement and confirmation that it was more contagious than other strains of coronavirus a few days after that. Meanwhile, Trump was calling it a hoax.
  2. Not going to lie, as much as I don't like the Chinese government I'm not going to give a propaganda network funded by the Falun Gong the time of day. They'll smear literally anything to make China look bad.
  3. They announced on January 14th that they found their first verified case of person to person spread.
  4. Was trying to derail it into a communism thread smh
  5. Who deleted the Trump will be re-elected thread? I was having fun with that one.
  6. Was guns one of the complaints for the content posting? I just remember language and nsfw stuff.
  7. My magical adventure of transforming from a smug ****lib to a smug leftist.
  8. The stress of producing shows for Netflix will get to anyone.
  9. Disappointed that our emoji suggestions weren't implemented. Then I remembered those suggestions were in the nuked thread.
  10. This is a thanks thread since this is the best behavior thread.
  11. "People didn't know about it so we, the newspaper of record, decided not to inform them."
  12. I was assured by Biden's campaign that this election was completely safe.
  13. I want to post the, "I'm smiling but I'm very ******* furious," Death of Stalin gif but this is the best behavior thread.
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