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  1. They never had it to begin with.
  2. His primary value in that trade was getting rid of the rest of BJ Upton's contract, not in obtaining prospects. Also, we don't need to get a closer since that role can go to Vizcaino or Minter. The issue is middle relief.
  3. If the team is going to suck whether or not you sell players off then what's the point of keeping a costly closer?
  4. We were able to get rid of BJ's contract thanks to him.
  5. The Red Sox got caught doing contract packaging as well and they also lost that entire IFA class. The rest of MLB executives didn't take this punishment seriously enough so they ****** the Braves with a rake to get the message across.
  6. That is the message they're sending. Cut the **** or you all get banned for life.
  7. Well, duh. This entire punishment is meant to send a message to the rest of the league.
  8. I hear there are some very fine people in the Klan.
  9. It's not like he was going to get another job in baseball anyway.
  10. lol
  11. They had Vizcaino but stuck with Jim Johnson for some reason even though he was clearly terrible, which leads to their other issue: Snitker is a **** manager but since he was buddies with Bobby they were never going to move on from him. Thankfully we probably only have to deal with that for another year since AA gets final say now, not the Schuerholtz/Cox clique.
  12. If anything that would only encourage Alabamans to vote for Moore.
  13. No, they weren't. I remember that 2014 season very clearly. They hung onto mediocrity by their finger tips for most of the season and once the Hamels no-hit them at the start of September you knew the wheels had fallen off, and they did. The rotation was bad, Heyward and JUpton were entering contract years, they didn't have the budget to give them extensions, they had nothing in the farm system, etc. The team was garbage and set to implode.
  14. We lost three out of our top 30 prospects, and Maitan was likely to drop out of the top overall 100 since he played like ****. In the meantime, the only difference between your scenario and what happened is that the team has a farm system. The team was going to be dog **** whether they traded their overpriced players or not.