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  1. Still waiting for the data and empirical evidence that backs up Klobuchar having one of the, "best electability arguments."
  2. That is one part of it. Another part, as I mentioned, is that healthcare negotiations take a lot of oxygen out of the room. Removing that from the board, since everyone will be covered already which will be completely divorced from their employer, will provide unions more breathing room to focus on wages, work environment concerns, and other benefits during their negotiations. COBRA will ultimately cost them twice as much. It isn't a solution.
  3. She's a union leader so she knows how important healthcare coverage is and how much an impact it has in labor negotiation. That's especially the case during strikes since employers can rescind coverage during that time to add pressure on the workers, as she alluded to there with UAW members no longer being covered during their strike. But easier to ignore that aspect of why M4A would increase the power of labor by taking all that off the table and attack the messenger for being too ambitious (lol). I recall @achilles return already addressing the second half of that so I'm not going to bother with it.
  4. She's the president of the AFA-CWA. I think she's fully aware of how ******** that argument is.
  5. Getting the feeling that there might be institutional racism against Arabs in Israel.
  6. This is peak subjective evidence.
  7. Pundit Nate Silver is such a hack.
  8. According to... what?
  9. Yang has a way better argument than Gabbard and the rest of the irrelevants to stick it out, and he should drop out as well.
  10. Need to get this blue dog out.
  11. Real cool how MSNBC is letting this bed bug who was a major advocate for the Iraq War on to advocate for an Iran war.
  12. He was never an elite passer but he was one of the most dangerous dual threat QBs in the league for most of his career. All his injuries, however, have sapped him of his scrambling abilities.
  13. Newton is a shell of his former self so it's not like they're taking a massive hit from this.