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  1. wut
  2. The White Sox are rebuilding so it makes sense that they're trying to deal Quintana since he has a good deal of value.
  3. What I don't understand about this situation is that he was actually on a Time magazine cover. What is the point of making a fake one?
  4. The sooner this piece of **** resigns the better.
  5. If California wants to pressure other states to roll back laws they don't like then that is their prerogative. If those other states want to respond in kind then they are free to. I'm not going to get worked up over states bickering with each other.
  6. He actually makes sense there tbh.
  7. That will be true when the pee tape is released.
  8. Trump.
  9. So Fox News tried to save face by retracting a story that is totally true because of outside pressure... Hm...
  10. Spends the day whining about fake news then lies about Democrats not helping with the healthcare bill when they were blocked from participating in both the House and Senate.
  11. Speaking of Archer...
  12. You complain about fake news and I'll bring up that you're pushing fake news. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. You can post them if you want but I'm not going to read them again.
  14. They're facts like the sealed indictment against Trump is a fact. (The sealed indictment isn't a fact).
  15. It probably has more to do with SDF. It's clear the Trump administration is going all in with their support of them and it's not just for their fight against ISIS since they announced they will continue to arm them even after Raqqa falls. That is extremely stupid IMO but what can you expect from this administration?
  16. Yet you get mad when people say that about the Seth Rich story.