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  1. His main qualm with NATO is apparently the alliance part of it.
  2. lol People marched across the country over family separation just a couple weeks ago and there are still actions being taken to continue that protest. The thing here is that those protests are usually pushed for and spurned on by more radical elements, they don't really give a **** about the Russia stuff, and your run of the mill liberals, who seem the most obsessed by Russia, have never been protesting types.
  3. Weird how he refuses to get off the ballot and now Liberman is encouraging people to vote for him.
  4. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. Trump and other Republicans routinely treat their own supporters as gullible morons to an extent that would make the smuggest liberal take pause but for whatever reason they never pick up on it. Maybe they're onto something.
  5. The only Clinton ad I remember is that one with the kids watching TV, Trump saying over the top ****, and an end message that was basically, "Do you really want him to be their role model?" Like, who gives a ****?
  6. Referring to people who disagree with you as "social radicals" is probably why Republicans struggle in cities.
  7. I don't see how. Wilson was basically the only Allied leader calling for soft peace treaties.
  8. I suppose it's to be expected when the Dem leadership is mostly corporate bootlickers. All the more reason to force them out.
  9. It will backfire because he has at no point made an effort to advocate for that stuff but has instead campaigned on doing the exact opposite. He may have lost by doing that but now he just looks like a weasel trying to trick his voters.
  10. I think their real problem is that their current leadership has zero interest in rural areas and non-voters since they have tunnel vision on upper middle class, staunchly Republican suburbanites. Why they're hyperfocused on winning over people who, for the most part, ******* hate them when there are clear and far larger opportunities elsewhere is beyond me.
  11. It will probably hurt him because addressing poverty is anathema to the traditional Republican platform and messaging. You can't simultaneously say we need small government, lower taxes, and that everything is great and say that, actually, we have a significant poverty problem and I, the governor, will do something to address it. Which leads me back to Democrats and their poor messaging. If even someone like Casey ******* Cagle can recognize that these are serious issues that need to be addressed then Democrats have to stop pretending that they have to walk on egg shells. They need make a full throated declaration that they full intended to use government power to help the most vulnerable and provide a simple guideline to how they will accomplish it to go along with constantly pointing out that Republicans are the only road block preventing this from happening.
  12. Ossoff, the guy who ran a campaign revolving around austerity, was shouted down as a communist who would invite ISIS into the district. At a certain point you just have to accept Republican talking heads will say that about their opponent no matter what, that you need to ignore it as the pointless noise it is, and push forward with confidence that your message will resonate. Likewise, if your platform has actual substance then they will struggle to counter it which will cause the shoe to be on the other foot, as we have seen with the sputtering right-wing effort to slap down Ocasio-Cortez's platform.
  13. I don't even think they necessarily need to be pro-life or pro-gun. It's like anything else: Every area has its problems and people want to know how a politician will move to address them. If you stay focused on those local issues then you can move political mountains. Sure, I'm sure many of them care deeply about abortion and guns but they most likely care more about their loved ones and neighbors dying from opioid addictions and their local industries getting shuttered because the owner thought it'd be more profitable to ship production overseas.
  14. Hillary would have never won over rural areas. Like I said earlier, if a people are being crushed by the status quo and their only choices are reinforcing the status quo or going with the person offering some amount of change, even if distasteful, then they'll go with the latter. Hillary was the epitome of the status quo and because of that she was rejected. Though if you want to see a Dem candidate have large rallies in rural areas then you should look up Sanders rallies in such places. As for the rest, if the only messages a group of people hear for decades is what you described of the Republicans to go along with Democrats looking down their noses and saying they deserve whatever happens to them for defying them then why the **** would they vote for Democrats? If the economy of an area revolves around coal mining an on the Democratic side you have them saying that coal is dead while offering no real solutions while on the other you have a jack off saying he'll bring coal back then why would they vote for the Democrat? If the best thing Democrats have given them is Obamacare, which had so many moving parts that it left itself open to sabotage and was overly complicated and still too expensive for many people, then why would they rally around to support it? They aren't stupid and they aren't necessarily voting against their best interests. They have issues, Democrats offer them little to nothing while coming off as smug ********, and Republicans offer some form of release by giving them other people to blame and false promises of free stuff with tax cuts. Quit treating them like they're lesser and not worth the effort and offer substantive, simple solutions.
  15. Democrats wondering why they have no traction in rural areas.
  16. And then you wonder why Democrats struggle outside of cities.
  17. They don't deserve to suffer just because they vote in a way you don't like. If the status quo is crushing a group of people and the choices are to reinforce the status quo or go with the guy who is stoking racial resentment but is nonetheless offering change then, historically speaking, people will go for the latter. If you want them to stop then you need to convince them that the latter is the true status quo while you're the agent of change, that those supporting the status quo are their enemy, and offer solutions that will be simple for them to understand and take advantage of that will release them from the suffering. For example, instead of giving them an overly complicated healthcare system where people have to figure out what they do and do not qualify for and likely still cannot afford to participate you should give them a streamlined public health insurance plan. No hoops to jump through, no trying to outwonk the other side. Just a simple, concise plan where they'll know that, no matter what, they'll be covered. I'm not going to pretend it will happen at the snap of a finger since overcoming Republican propaganda will be tough but you're not going to get anywhere by not trying to reach out and you're especially not going to get anywhere by saying that they deserve it.
  18. In order to remain convinced that the indictments are false you sort of have to believe that the Seth Rich story is still true, so...