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  1. My first two thoughts about that were: 1. No, you shouldn't trade future 1st rounders for a LB. 2. On the other hand...
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they did but I'm assuming they'd only package their 3rd and/or their 4ths in a deal, which would get them to around 10-12 going by pure pick value.
  3. Our CBs would suck *** for another year but I'm willing to make that sacrifice for this.
  4. That's Ben's sister lol
  5. They're going to lie about the safety of voting during a pandemic and cause a spike in cases. Again.
  6. Trying to imagine what fresh **** we'll live through if Biden inherits a depression in the middle of a pandemic with his steadfast 80s-90s conservatism leading the way.
  7. Pretty cool how former Obama administration staffers are part of Amazon's PR. Really makes you wonder how his presidency was such an abject failure.
  8. People who are starting to feel desperate are going to start feeling really angry in a few weeks.
  9. Oh, la di da Mr. Too Good To Eat ***.
  10. How about the Majority.
  11. Republican governors didn't want to go against Trump's official narrative, since they're bootlickers, but are now scrambling to implement this stuff after Trump extended the social distancing recommendations which, in effect, gave them the ok to do these orders.
  12. A lot of it seems to be that people sense social disorder that is far more significant than petty robberies coming.
  13. It's cool how we're facing down this extreme crisis and the alternative Democrats are offering is Joe "nothing will fundamentally change" Biden.
  14. They're going to have to roll out another relief package if they don't want things to get revolutionary.
  15. $1,200 should hold us over.
  16. We're going to get really stupid reports about this.
  17. I cannot emphasize enough that Democrats are worthless corporatist centrists and anyone who believes otherwise is a mark.
  18. Guess the Trump administration gave Republican governors the ok to do this earlier today.