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  1. Blitzkrieg strategies were being developed in the 1920s and were becoming mainstream with German high command after Guderian published his book. Hitler didn’t have much to do with that. His political strategies were also pretty simple: Beat the **** out of or kill your opponents and make sure the government doesn’t function until you take power. He was also always insane. The entire Aryan myth he based his racial theories on is predicated in Germans and other master races being descended from refugees of Atlantis.
  2. I forget which German historian it was, but they argued that Hitler wasn't smart or charismatic. He was just extremely racist and Germany, for the most part, was extremely racist as well. You mix that with the economic situation deteriorating and you get what we got. Stalin was also not charismatic. You can tell that much by watching any of his speeches. He was just a total psychopath who was a better politician than his competitors, namely Trotsky.
  3. Run on a different platform?
  4. If I have learned anything from studying the far-right it's that they gravitate towards cartoonish buffoons more often than not. Though I suppose you have a point. Trump is extremely cartoonish and buffoonish. A parody of himself.
  5. Mad? No. Definitely mocked her though.
  6. Again, I'm not saying she needs to be a hardass. I'm saying they need to stop pretending the GOP will become better. It doesn't sway them and it doesn't win anyone over. Stop pretending for their sakes and focus on your own ****.
  7. They still called themselves Republicans. They just labeled Bush and his cronies as RINOs and washed their hands of it.
  8. I was wrong in the sense that I thought they were better than they were, something I believed well after I called him winning their nomination in late 2015. Admittedly, I should have realized that years before as the Tea Party took over but I was slow on the uptake there. Now? I seriously don't see how you can look at them blatantly trying to rig elections and stripping power from any office they lose and come away thinking that there's still hope left for them. You don't need to go to the conference and **** on them. You also don't need to pretend that better elements will take over. You're just fooling yourself.
  9. No point in calling for the better angels of a party that is actively dismantling democracy. They picked their path and are beyond redemption. Just say what you need to say and move on.
  10. It's amazing that they picked Trump to build a cult of personality around.
  11. Indeed. It's a completely pointless endeavor.
  12. I'm sure they care as much as Democrats do when Republicans call for bipartisanship these days.
  13. She could say nothing. Calls for the GOP to be better or for 'better elements' to take it back are just obnoxious at this point.
  14. lmao these ******* morons still think the GOP is anything but this
  15. He's got a WFW vibe to him.
  16. These people are so full of ****. I'm glad we're finally moving past failed Republican policies and talking points.
  17. So, what was your opinion of the Gillette commercial?
  18. Of ******* course they're retaliating in this way.
  19. Trump has a new, devastating nickname for Pelosi.
  20. Occam's razor says he's just braindead.