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  1. By paying attention. You can't succeed when defenses know exactly what you're going to do, and that is to play as conservatively as possible. Curl, out, and drag routes are exceptionally prevalent in this offense and you can count on the only play action call to be the same bootleg call that happens every game. The offense is predictable and easy to defend. You can't succeed as a QB when all your targets are covered because the opposing defense knows what is going to happen.
  2. Are you kidding? Vick and Ryan have two entirely different skill sets. If Vick got any type of pressure he could (and would) scramble, which Ryan cannot do anywhere near as effectively.
  3. The offense is handcuffed. It has all the potential to be explosive yet they're basically told to be conservative, to control the clock and not turn the ball over under any circumstances. That is not how the modern NFL works, that is not how you win games, that is how your offense gets shut down and embarrassed. It doesn't elp that Mularkey is utterly predictable; I am completely convinced I could run the offense better than him. You can have an extremely good run first in the modern NFL, but Mularkey seems incapable of grasping the concept of stretching the field, trick plays, taking advantag
  4. Here is how you fix the offense: Tell Mularkey to shove it, hand the keys to Ryan (or new OC), and yell in his face before every game to be aggressive. I am absolutely convinced he has it stuck in his head they have to play as conservatively as possible to control the clock and not turn the ball over. Take shots down the field to make them respect the deep pass, stretch the field to get the linebackers and safeties away from the box to help the running game, get some bubble screens going, anything! This is an offense fully capable of piling on the points. Controlling the clock is nice but it i
  5. You can look back to 2008 games and see the same plays being used every game. Mularkey hasn't changed at all since getting here, he's been figured out completely, he's not learning his lesson, and the offense has hit a wall. He. Needs. To. Go.
  6. Posted this in another thread. I'll just repost it here.
  7. When he has all day in the pocket and doesn't throw typically means everyone is covered. He's learned his lesson from last year when it comes to forcing passes so now he holds onto the ball hoping someone gets open and then either gets sacked or has to throw the ball out. When people are open there is almost always pressure right in his face so he goes to his check down, which you should do. The entire offense is being severely limited by horrendous play calling. This is an offense capable of pouring on the points yet all Mularkey does is try to control the clock, even when down by 18. Notice
  8. They need to fire Mularkey, not bench Ryan. Defenses have figured out the offense and now no one is getting open, Ryan has to hold onto the ball, and the O-line has more pressure on it to protect Ryan. Defenses know all they're going to do is run the ball and throw short passes, they don't respect the deep ball since it never happens, and they're able to stuff the offense. Mularkey is the problem here. He's overly conservative when we need a more aggressive OC.
  9. The Eagles always seem to have the Falcons number, but today was sad. Mularkey continued his overly conservative play calling when there was still time to catch up and only started taking shots down field when the game was out of reach. His play calls are hindering the entire offense. He is uncreative, overly conservative, and teams are figuring this out. They don't respect the deep threat at all and cram into the intermediate and short gain areas so no one is getting open. It's what happened last week against the Browns and it's what happened today. The Falcons need to fire him and replace hi
  10. His play calling is completely uncreative and overly conservative. His bread and butter is controlling the clock and even in this situation he continues to try to control the clock and keep the pass plays as short as possible... And who calls a bootleg PA when down this much? You're not going to fool anyone. They need a better OC desperately.
  11. Fire Mularkey. Fire Mularkey. Fire Mularkey. Just let Ryan go no huddle for the rest of the season.
  12. Can they fire Mularkey now? His overly conservative tendencies are holding the offense back... I mean, he's still trying to control the clock even though they're down by 18.
  13. What?! They shut down the Jets #1 rush attack! How did they not earn it?
  14. The all black alternates are the best and I would love to see them be the new home uniforms. I've just never really liked the red ones very much. Making the throwback the new permanent alternate would be better.
  15. You're going to have far more opportunities within 55 yards so naturally you would want the more accurate kicker. That being said, the big leg in question is still very young and is still a raw prospect who just needs polishing by decent coaching.
  16. 56 would have been retired in name until Brooking retired so they could actually retire it if he didn't leave a sour taste in the teams mouth after last year. After that I'm sure the team felt they didn't really owe him anything. It has been retired, though.
  17. Both are good and will become two of the top QBs in the league soon enough, but to be fair to Ryan, Flacco has had a great defense to help him out to keep his team in games and to limit the impact of mistakes while Ryan has had more pressure on him to win games due to a mediocre defense to complement him. In any case, outside of the two games with the Saints I look forward to the game against the Ravens the most next year.
  18. Or, hopefully, he's realized continuing to underperform will cost him his job and he has to step up his game.
  19. But... There is no #13 on the Falcons! But the UDFA kicker we got is #5 and, if the scouting report on him is right, then he can really kick some bombs and accurately as well which is a welcome change from last year.
  20. I don't think Turner will have that drop off. The drop off is usually due to a running back having about a thousand carries, not counting receptions, taking big hits constantly, and getting worn out that way. Remember, Turner was only a sparingly used back up until 2008 so he hasn't had a careers worth of carries yet.
  21. a) What is the point of making a mock draft this early? With a few exceptions it is almost impossible to really know the top needs for a team until the season is under way. b ) I seriously doubt we'd take an OT in the 1st round. We already have Baker and I get the feeling that the coaching staff and FO view Reynolds as the team's long term answer at RT. And with Mark Ingram available that close to our perceived pick I can see us trading up to get him. Smith loves smash mouth football and having a Turner-Ingram combo would be too tempting to pass on. c) That being said, I think it's safe to say
  22. Typically when coaches go to other teams they like bringing in players they have coached before and Henderson has been available for a while yet Smith hasn't bothered getting him. Remember, when Brian Williams was released last year the Falcons got him immediately. This tells me that Smith either doesn't think he fits the system he wants or there is something about his personality that Smith never liked and doesn't want to deal with again.
  23. Bradford just needs to transition into the pro style offense, find a way to make sure he doesn't get injured like he did last year again, and have someone better than Laurent Robinson as his top target. People like to point out that he was on a loaded team and that's the only reason he was good, but to put up the numbers he did even with that talent is still awe inspiring. 88 TDs to 16 interceptions with a completion percentage hovering around 70% over three seasons? You simply don't get that very often, especially in extremely competitive conferences every day. That being said, he has a bette
  24. He was very productive on a bad team in a top conference, was a leader for that team, and has the work ethic and a personal drive to excel at the top level and takes nothing for granted. All those factors tell me he's going to have an exceptional rookie season.
  25. If there is one thing I have learned after being a lifelong fan of Atlanta teams, it's the following: They are choke artists.
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