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  1. Miller had a great rookie season before taking a step back last season. I don't have much worries about him bouncing back because McDowell will be his pitching coach. Jenkins is also a top flight starting pitching prospect. Heyward's glove will be missed but his offensive production won't be, especially with what we got in return for potentially one year with the Cardinals and now we can finally stop hearing people say to just wait for him to actualize his potential. And lets not forget Walden. It sucks that he's leaving but Vizcaino coming back meant someone in the bullpen was expendable.
  2. To be fair, that was just buzz talk from the Falcons. The Braves were a gritty, grinding team in the 90s and early 2000s. The plan seems to be to get back to that team identity which has been lost over the past decade or so.
  3. I can't really back this up but the impression I got from the interview is that Schuerholtz insisted on giving Hart a three year contract but Hart himself only intends to keep the job for a year or two.
  4. Must have been a down year for fielding in LF for the National League.
  5. This move with Hart tells me two things: 1. Copolella will be named GM soon enough. 2. The new position Hart is taking is basically a mentor role for Copolella so he can more smoothly transition into the full role of GM, especially at a time when there are going to be a lot of tough decisions coming soon. Combine this with the old scouting crew getting back together makes me feel very optimistic with the direction of the team.
  6. Reading through his fairly limited policy descriptions the only thing I get from him is that he's very good at talking a lot but saying nothing.
  7. Because Barr is just an athlete and a poor football player.
  8. No, Bennett played primarily out of the 5-tech DE role for the Seahawks. That position prioritizes run defending and setting the edge which are Bennett's strengths. That he adds a pretty good pass rush as well is simply bonus. It's the same role Michael Johnson would play here since he has the same strengths and would explain the rumored interest in him.
  9. As someone with experience working in the state legislature and court system I can safely say that libertarians have a habit of being overly zealous and idealistic which makes them disasters in the legislative and executive branches but those same characteristics make them by far the best judges and it isn't even close. I avoid at all costs to vote for them unless it's for a judgeship at which point it's an automatic vote for them.
  10. Considering that episode 9 of this season is titled, "The Rains of Castamere," I think it is safe to assume season 4 will be the second half of ASOS.
  11. I find the lack of the Bloody Mummers in the show disappointing after thinking about it.
  12. Also, regarding tonight's episode:
  13. It's hinted at a plethora of times in the books, especially with how Loras acts whenever Renley is brought up.
  14. It's basically The Onion, but directed at social conservatives.
  15. Please tell me there are more of these somewhere.
  16. **** it. I came on here to post those but BO beat me to it.
  17. In the book the last we saw of Syrio was with half a wooden sword going against a fully armored Ser Meryn, as opposed to the other guards he was with who had unarmored, vulnerable points which he took advantage of.
  18. HBO makes very good programs but they're slow on the uptake when it comes to changing markets. If they realized the revenues of DVD sales, DVR, and other such things should be included instead of simply staring at Nielsen ratings then Rome would not have been cut so short, and now they're not adapting to piracy by making things like HBO Go available to everyone so they're seeing a show become extremely popular but are not taking advantage of it.
  19. I have a theory that goes deeper into this concept. The book follows the various characters as they battle for the Iron Throne, but I don't think it's the real war. The series is called, "A Song of Fire and Ice," and in it you have the White Walkers, who are agents of the 'The Great Other,' who is essentially an ice god, and then there is Melisandre who is influencing Stannis to do the bidding of the Lord of Light, who is the eternal enemy of the Great Other. So, there is the war for the Iron Throne but the real war is between the agents of the gods of fire and ice as they try to wrest control of Westeros for whatever reasons they have.
  20. I'm left convinced of a few things: 1) There is no way Robb Stark is going to survive the war. He comes off as a Hannibal type of character; He can win the battle but he cannot figure out how to win the war. He makes political mistake after political mistake which have led to Winterfell being occupied and burned down, backed Tywin Lannister into a corner and then let him slip through to help defend King's Landing, and now he has essentially spat in the face of the Freys so I don't know how he plans on returning to the North. He can't finish off his enemies and he keeps making more. 2) Littlefinger will be more prominent next season as he subtly gains more titles despite not having an army. 3) **** is hitting the fan beyond the Wall.
  21. There is some sort of new policy in which if you DVR their shows you're blocked from watching the recording. I don't know the exact details of the policy, however.
  22. ^^^ It doesn't help that HBO is responding to this by becoming more restrictive with their media. You can't even DVR their shows anymore. This, I believe, is a microcosm to the problems the various media networks have been experiencing due to the internet. Technology is changing which is causing more and more people to abandon cable altogether. After all, why pay an arm and a leg for it when you can get things like Netflix for very little? Still, people want to watch the new shows but don't want to wait a year+ for them to come on Netflix, if they even do at all. The logical response to piracy is to adapt your business model; You have to compete with free, but people have shown they are more than willing to pay for products online if they can immediately obtain them at fair prices and don't have strings attached which limit their use or ownership. The gaming industry has done this with Steam, as it provides a huge selection of computer games and often for cheaper prices than at stores and Louis CK and other comedians have released albums online for only $5 and have made a killing off them, so why can't HBO and other companies do something similar? If HBO offered a service where you could download the episodes not long after they air for, say, $5-8 apiece, they would have a major boom. ****, at those prices they could potentially make more than selling DVD box sets. Instead, they have become more restrictive towards their audience and have backed draconian legislation to keep their obsolete business model afloat.
  23. You mean Charlie Chaplin's granddaughter?
  24. They put him behind the rest of the fleet since the nobles didn't trust a pirate leading the vanguard.
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