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  1. It has bothered me for nearly two years that those don't even look like pancakes.
  2. Seems like she had to give in but kept the original premise that AIPAC buys politicians, so undoubtedly this will continue.
  3. Dem leadership needs to be replaced.
  4. The Clintons and McCains need to **** off forever.
  5. Candidates like Kamala aren't real threats to the status quo. Due to that Schultz won't run a sabotage campaign against them if they win the nomination. He'll only declare if someone like Sanders or Warren wins.
  6. Trump: Look how many brown people would come here! Disaster! me: That's not even hidden racism. WFW: I'm fine with this as long as it's legal! Illegal immigration is what I have a problem with! me: Under this scenario all immigration is legal. WFW:
  7. Open borders would mean all immigration is legal, dumb dumb.