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  1. Hopefully this compels his old *** to retire.
  2. Mmm... No. He needs to **** all the way off.
  3. I don't know what Braves teams you watched over the past decade that made you think they could go all the way.
  4. They aren't giving him $1 million when they can pay two rookies that amount.
  5. Only reason he's here this season is because AA couldn't get a deal done with a better OF or trade for one.
  6. At least we know Pache and Waters will be ready for next season so this will definitely be his last game here.
  7. He's gotten all his hits in this series during garbage time lmao
  8. Outside of Jackson and Melancon in game 1 and this ****show, the pitchers did their jobs this series. Other than Acuna, Albies, Swanson, and Duvall the lineup did jack ****.
  9. Can't believe this all happened because Acuna didn't hustle.
  10. They need to force Freeman to get that elbow surgery this offseason.
  11. Yeah, **** this. Turning it off.
  12. Thinking about how we had our best starter wait until game 3 and had lefty Teheran start two games.
  13. You say that like we weren't expecting this lol
  14. This is really, really over.
  15. This is already over.
  16. Party establishment is about to stab her in the back in a big way.