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  1. He shouldn't have sent troops in to start with and I'm not necessarily opposed to pulling out. However, when you combine the fact that a few weeks ago we convinced the Kurds to leave their border positions to "ease tensions" with a promise that they'd be protected with what's happening now then, well... Yeah. Not good.
  2. I assume it has more to do with Blank throwing money around in a league that isn't used to that.
  3. lol you think leaving Iraq was what created ISIS
  4. With the way the Braves were playing I’m completely convinced that the Nats would have swept them.
  5. @Stan Grossman Good news: We were arguing pointlessly. Markakis' deal was a 2 year contract.
  6. I won't miss them playing that ******* whistle every five seconds in the last few innings.
  7. Oh, silly me, I somehow forgot about Contreras.
  8. I hope Langeliers is a fast climber because it just hit me that our C duo next season will be Flowers and Jackson.
  9. My strongest memory of his career is him screaming at Jose Fernandez for not respecting the unspoken rules.
  10. Hopefully this series shames him enough to get that ******* surgery.
  11. I think they're reworking that loophole this offseason. If not then they'll let Inciarte start and get some scrub on a minor league deal to fill in until then, like they did with Acuna.
  12. There would be a chance of them re-signing Markakis if they didn't have two star caliber OF prospects waiting in the wings and they didn't have Inciarte, who now has no trade value, to be the 4th OF. As it stands, he offers no value. He can't start anymore and he can barely play corner OF so he isn't a versatile backup. Likewise, he'd cost more than the prospects combined and if teams have the option to be cheap then they're going to be cheap.
  13. Why imagine them re-signing Markakis?
  14. Imagining the Braves signing Gerrit Cole this offseason. I'm prepared to be disappointed after this already.
  15. I've had higher opinions of the team next year for a while since a bunch of high upside prospects will be replacing a bunch of decrepit veterans. There's no light at the end of the tunnel for the Falcons though. Have zero interest in them until they clean house.
  16. He should have stayed in the bullpen. He was our most effective relief pitcher over the first few games. Not like inheriting the situation today was his fault.
  17. I doubt it was him being defeatist. He's always believed in Jackson, which further reinforces how bad of a tactical manager he is.