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  1. Good for New York. I hope Atlanta isn't their backup.
  2. It's mostly due to elective procedures. Otherwise their wait times are comparable to ours.
  3. That, along with covering the uninsured, has been an emphasis. So, that's a lie.
  4. Nice Freudian slip. Though it ties in well with the AIPAC story since boy do they ever want a war with Iran.
  5. Seems like Dems in the House foreign affair committee are pretty gung ho about giving war criminal Elliot Abrams the green light regarding Venezuela since they think it will punish Russia. Worse than useless.
  6. New Orleans did.
  7. Thanks for the reminder/correction. There was a more recent study that showed that math scores tanked not long after that Stanford study. IIRC it was from Harvard.
  8. You brought up the UK and Canada as examples. Their hospitals are public, at least the vast majority of them are, so that's not a good comparison with M4A. It is much easier to institute price controls at all levels of the healthcare system when you control all levels of the healthcare system, which is what they do. Not really. Newark saw across the board rises in English test scores but no gain or a decline in math scores.