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  1. "We must invade Iran because Iran attacked Iran's oil tanker."
  2. Watching the Rays/Astros game is getting me amped to be mad when the Braves don't even try to sign Cole.
  3. How the **** do they keep falling for this?
  4. I wouldn't vote for her. A lot of her background is super questionable and she hasn't exactly demonstrated that she's moved on from it with her openness to figures like Modi. Having said that, a lot of the arguments I'm seeing just comes off as the remnants of Russiagate brain rot and excuse making for Hillary losing to Trump.
  5. If Warren loses it will be because of stuff such as her lying about being Cherokee for her personal benefit and then stepping on a rake with the DNA test, not because of someone polling at 1%.
  6. Reminds me of the people who to this day claim the DNC didn't work with Hillary's campaign to kneecap Sanders even though we have their emails as evidence to prove otherwise. Some people just want to bury their heads in the sand and then whine when people don't go along with them.
  7. I'd agree on the Cole point if Acuna and Albies weren't locked down to absurdly cheap long term deals. Since they are, however, I'm not really seeing the excuse not to target top flight FAs like that. You also can never have too few ace quality power arms, especially if your goal is to go deep in the playoffs.
  8. The people and cast mates were definitely clamoring for more Leto Joker.
  9. Said the atmosphere was dead because the crowd apparently couldn't do the tomahawk chop which, presumably, led to the team imploding since they couldn't get into it. That wasn't the case since the crowd was electric prior to first pitch and they did the chop anyway later in the game. The reason the crowd was dead early on was because, y'know, the game was over right after it started. I also remember when Braves fans didn't use the chop. It's not like we need it to have a good atmosphere. Frankly, it has gotten beyond ******* annoying since they play that whistle to get the crowd to do it every five seconds late in games. You and others said people are soft for not wanting it. The only frailty I've seen is from the whining about people not liking it.
  10. Glad we paid Beasley nearly $13 million.
  11. Acuna, Pache, and Waters will be the starting OF. That will provide much improved defense and will make the lineup more reliable, rookie ups and downs not withstanding. Inciarte will most likely be a pricey 4th OF since I doubt he has any trade value at the moment. Starting IF shouldn't be much different. Only question mark is whether or not they re-sign Donaldson. If not then 3B goes to Riley. Camargo and Culberson will undoubtedly be back as bench pieces. That would leave one non-backup catcher bench spot open. Flowers is probably the only player with an option that they'll keep since it's not like anyone else is available at catcher besides Alex Jackson, who won't be reliable, until Contreras and, eventually, Langeliers are ready. Rotation you have Soroka, Fried, Anderson, and Folty. In a perfect world they get Gerrit Cole in FA to finish that off and turn the rotation from a fairly shaky unit into arguably one of the best ones in the league. Even if they don't then the Soroka/Fried/Anderson trio should be very good. Only bullpen arms that will be guaranteed to be there will be Melancon due to what he's going to be paid and Newcomb, in all likelihood. The rest will be a mish mash of throwing prospect arms against the wall and seeing who sticks and, hopefully, going out and getting someone to be the closer who won't give me heartburn.
  12. Yeah, totally. The reason the heart of the order couldn't hit for the entire series and why they gave up 10 runs in the 1st inning in game 5 was the lack of tomahawk chop in the last game. How much a whiny baby do you have to be to think that's the reason? lmao
  13. Them imploding immediately has helped me get over it already. The main strength of the team this season was the length of the lineup and quality bench. Injuries toward the end of the season depleted the bench, hampered some key starters, and the age of some of the older veterans really showed. Combine that with the rotation that was shaky from the start and the bullpen that was never really reliable and you get this. Even if they managed to get through the NLDS they would have gotten demolished in the NLCS playing like that. Said yesterday that I had more confidence in next year's team than this years. That remains the same. Pache and Waters will lengthen the lineup more plus will provide far better defense, making Acuna easily the worse fielder out there and he'd still be top notch. Anderson will provide a reliable strikeout arm to the rotation to go along with Soroka and Fried with Folty presumably being the #4. They also have a few quality arms ready to call up for the bullpen. Contreras should also be ready at some point to add a good, young catcher to the mix. Going into the offseason I'm most interested in what they do at 3B, since they could plug Riley there or re-sign Donaldson, whether or not Freeman is compelled to get that bone spur surgery, what they do with that final rotation spot (please God make them sign Gerrit Cole), and if they get a closer who doesn't give me heartburn. I'd put an image of Sal from the Sopranos saying, "I've said my peace," here but I can't find a good one and I can't be bothered to make one right now.
  14. Dem leadership, especially Dems from Florida, also went along with the administration's attempts to gin up support for a military operation against Venezuela before Russia sent in troops and took it off the table. A lot of them aren't opposing this because it's Trump doing it. A lot of them are just hawks. Having said that, when we have the ability to prevent or stop genocides then I'm for military intervention. This is a real obvious case of prevention and we just threw the intended victims under the bus.
  15. I'd also like to add that Turkey has already carried out ethnic cleansing against the Kurds in the Efrin region of Syria. The Trump administration knew full well what they were about to allow to happen.