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  1. It's mostly due to elective procedures. Otherwise their wait times are comparable to ours.
  2. If you want the Australian system then you need to first break private health insurance and then let it come back in a limited form. You're getting the order of operations wrong by trying to implement a public system while the private system is still firmly entrenched.
  3. Indeed. They aren't as good.
  4. They have an idea of what it is and have fixated on the slogan, yes, and that is why the Dem establishment is attempting to redefine what "all" means. Private health insurance and your job providing it, presuming it even does, is so ingrained in our psyche that most people can't imagine something better and saying you want to replace feels like when a parent tries to take their kid's safety blanket away. That is why, as I said, it's important to campaign on it and win people over, to show them that though they're losing their safety blanket they're getting something that actually secures them and frees them to pursue jobs they want instead of any one that offers health insurance.
  5. It'd be interesting to see how they'd do that. The 6th and 7th districts are already designed to crack significant blue strongholds in Dekalb and Gwinnett that have populations too large to put in a single district.
  6. You need to have the political will to campaign for it to convince people. That started during the 2016 primary and is why it's even in consideration now, to go along with many other left-wing positions (eg. wealth tax). Corporate Dems don't and never have had the will to campaign for much of anything. It's why they target half measures before starting and water them down from there when there is pushback (eg. Obamacare).
  7. That isn't really the point of that tweet. She bought herself an astroturf social media following to appear more popular than she actually is.
  8. Down goes another flavor of the month.
  9. Already acknowledged that I should have included other out of pocket costs in that post. According to them they'd pay 3-4%, $105, $1,050... Unless you're just being extremely pedantic about the salary number.
  10. $36,000. Happy? Dems thought the same thing about the mandate penalty. It was viewed as a tax by the public and interpreted as a tax by the Supreme Court. It would be better for everyone involved if you, and other M4Am advocates, would call a spade a spade to start with because it will lead to repercussions if it isn't down the line if this is implemented. Also, premiums aren't an entry fee. That'd be more akin to the out of pocket costs. Rather, premiums are the taxes that keep the national parks and museums open.
  11. Probably should have included other out of pocket expenses in the other post, but whatever. People are not going to interpret tax increases for a public program as premiums. You can say that until you're blue in the face but that is not how they're going to interpret it. They didn't with the mandate penalty and they aren't with this. A tax is a tax. The electorate isn't stupid.
  12. As for other countries having cost sharing: I know some countries have copays. I also know that most of them make them flat rates regardless of the reason for the visit. Germany, for example, has a flat rate of €10 per quarter. M4Am mentions copayments but does not mention reining them in or eliminating them (looked extensively for this) which makes it a safe assumption that copayments here will continue to range from ~$20-$300 per visit. I can't think of any other country that has deductibles for people to access a public program, let alone one that would run individuals making the equivalent of $30,000 up to $1,000 just to get the public insurance to start kicking in. I can't think of any country that tries to a sleight of hand of trying to say that taxes are actually penalties or premiums just because their politicians don't have the nuts to say that they need to raise taxes. The framing you're trying to push is disingenuous and people will be able to sniff it out.
  13. I can tell you how many people are going to buy that line when 10% of their monthly income goes to the government to pay for the program.
  14. "It's a penalty, not a tax."
  15. And is why it will run into the same public perception problems Obamacare ran into. You can't tell people something isn't a tax when it's clearly a tax. You can't say it will improve access but maintain the same policies that prevent people from accessing healthcare in the name of driving costs down. People, sooner or later, realize they were misled.
  16. Getting rid of the failed private health insurance market.
  17. It's nice that she's right on that issue.