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  1. Fury Road is the best movie that was never written.
  2. Their attempts at reverse psychology are so sad.
  3. This screams of insecurity.
  4. This is some serious straw grasping.
  5. They also did a version without Biden. Sanders was at 32%. Harris was in 2nd at 15%.
  6. Him being too far left to be electable is the most common argument against him now and, frankly, I've lost the will to give a **** about it. Either they'll fall in line or they won't. No point in looking back for them.
  7. Sanders also in good position in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
  8. You'd think Trump bootlickers, of all people, would be the most aware that electability arguments don't matter anymore.
  9. The desperation is palpable.
  10. South Carolina doesn't seem to be a problem for Sanders despite what the common narrative from pundits.
  11. Sanders with similar numbers as 2016 head to head polls again Trump.
  12. I cannot emphasize this enough:
  13. Same poll:
  14. The top second choice of Biden, Warren, and O'Rourke supporters is Sanders. Tied for first with Klobuchar supporters. Especially good since he has the largest base of those who have declared.
  15. Incompetent, pathetic ********.
  16. WaPo and NYT opinion writers are furiously writing articles about how this doesn't matter.
  17. Harris is probably in a bit of trouble, yes.