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  1. They thought that the investigation was dead because the healthcare votes dominated the news and that Mueller was actually investigating Clinton. They're doing little more than retreating into a fantasy world because they can't handle reality.
  2. The national crisis in Trump's mind was apparently Obama being the president since he bitched about him golfing throughout his administration.
  3. They just wanted him off the 40 man roster I guess.
  4. Thus ends the legendary Braves career of Sean Rodriguez.
  5. Trump: *being escorted from the court room to start his prison sentence* Trumpets: You mad, libs? He's got you right where he wants you.
  6. The only common theme in what he has posted is that Clinton/Obama/DNC are Satan incarnate and Trump is just a sweet angel who is being unjustly persecuted. Beyond that it is an incoherent mess.
  7. I take it you have abandoned hope that Mueller is actually investigating Clinton then.
  8. This thread is also the de facto political thread. That's why we had that pages long argument about Democratic infighting a few days ago.
  9. In my defense, I do get tired of posting the same things and having the same arguments every time one of those threads pop up. At this point I just don't bother with them.
  10. The Braves sure do like their international prospects.
  11. Well... he is the president... and this thread is about his presidency.
  12. Do you mean to suggest that Trump leaked information to Hannity?
  13. Maybe he's referring to his other trial where he was guilty and went to prison.
  14. The grand jury may be weighing on his mind.
  15. It will be so satisfying when that Hillary stooge recommends that Hillary get the death penalty.
  16. Apparently she wants to fist the NYT. That would be fun to watch.
  17. Over the course of about a week we have gone from, "Mueller is actually investigating Clinton," to, "Mueller is a Clinton stooge," to, "Mueller's grand jury is rigged against Trump." It is so ******* insufferable.
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