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  1. However you want to frame it to make yourself feel better, buddy.
  2. TARP and the auto bailouts happened under Bush. If you think nationalizing industries includes keeping the private, for-profit model then ******* dude, no wonder you still beat off to Trump.
  3. What markets did he nationalize?
  4. I'm not surprised the point went sailing over your head.
  5. It would be a pretty bold move to change America from a neoliberal country to a neoliberal country. Also, since I know you don't understand this stuff: Reagan was also a neoliberal.
  6. All of the leagues are political. For whatever reason it's only ok when the owners and league offices lobby politicians to get what they want but not ok when a player kneels. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. The natural evolution.
  8. Fox Business, especially that English guy, has been red baiting like there is no tomorrow because of the recent polls showing how unpopular the tax cuts are.
  9. Not really. Take, for example, the failed private health insurance market.
  10. You see, I know you don't know anything when you think a neoliberal like Obama is a socialist.
  11. Probably around the time a certain someone wanted the owners to force those sons of ****** out.
  12. I have explained the issue with Venezuela's finances (making their loan payments to China with oil, the price of which tanked) yet it never sinks in. You need to learn about the world around you, dumb dumb. Also, you guys say any form of welfare can't be sustained. The root of the opposition to a jobs guarantee isn't the fear of sustainability, since we know conservatives don't care about economic or financial sustainability given their refusal to end failed trickle down policies, was pointed out by the conservative think tank member on the previous page... The private market doesn't want to pay people well or give them benefits since that cuts into profits (profits are more important than you in a capitalist system) and they fear any form of competition will force them to give raises and benefits.
  13. Yes. If you were too disabled to find employment in the private market in Venezuela then the government would give you a job so you could sustain yourself and be productive for society in whatever way they could find. This is not a difficult concept, dotard.
  14. I'd also like to point out that Venezuela's job guarantee wasn't for everyone. It was mostly geared for people who couldn't find employment in the private market due to disabilities.
  15. The private market must be really ****** if it can't compete with a supposedly completely inept government.
  16. Every so often they inadvertently let slip what the past forty years of economic policy have really been about.
  17. I was talking specifically about the 2nd Amendment. Its intended purpose was to have state militia members purchase their own firearms and supplies and to be able to keep and bear them when called upon and to prevent the federal government from imposing such a ban since the states viewed that as a threat to the balance of power (ie. federal standing army vs. state militias). Or, to put it in another way, it was meant to protect the freedom of the states from the federal government, not individuals. We have long since deviated from that. Guns aren't the only way to defend yourself. Again, it gets weird when you view being a gun owner as a sign that you are an agent against evil.
  18. It doesn't serve a productive, coherent purpose as originally intended anymore. lol This is basically how I feel when it's brought up that gun owners will violently resist enforcement of gun control. Just pointing out that it's a bit toxic to think you're some sort of crusader just because you own guns.