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  1. Simple answer: We already got what we needed from El Salvador when he kept their corporate friendly governments in power by funding right-wing death squads. The human misery that caused doesn't matter to our goals nor does alleviating those problems.
  2. Conservatives: We need to enforce our border laws or else we're not a country! Rational people: The current crisis is happening because the administration is ignoring border laws. Conservatives: [incoherent screeching]
  3. It's not a matter that we think it should be a misdemeanor. It already is a misdemeanor.
  4. Why do you think they have their problems to start with?
  5. You don't need to be a war refugee to apply for asylum. You just need to point out the persecution you're fleeing from. Many of the people from Central America coming here, for example, are fleeing government sanctioned violence and oppression, gang violence (eg. forcing children to join, or else), and cartel violence. After that point you're allowed in, since it would be cruel to turn them back, while your long term status is determined to see if you truly meet the parameters for asylum. The issue we have is that the Trump administration has illegally closed the ports of entry to these people. At that point they're left with the choice of staying in Mexico, which has similar issues of rampant cartel and gang violence, going back to what they were fleeing from, or taking their chances by crossing the border anyway.
  6. "If I can't have my abusive law enforcement agencies then people shouldn't get healthcare!"
  7. Just the unnecessary ones. Sadly, conservative calls for smaller government stops when it affects their ability to lick boots like the cucks they are.
  8. They're our own national laws, dumb***.
  9. Sorry I don't **** my pants over people committing misdemeanors.
  10. Would also be interested in knowing how many of those people were attempting to apply for asylum but were blocked due to the illegal actions of the Trump administration.
  11. Yes yes, enough scary brown people to not even round up to 0.01% of our population. The horror.
  12. Those security measures existed before the DHS. All the DHS did was militarize the agencies put under its umbrella, such as the ones involving immigration. Meanwhile ICE was completely unnecessary to begin with. Its responsibilities were already handled by other agencies. Just more bloat and abuse. Should probably nut up, my dude.
  13. Also, ******* LOL @ trying to frame getting rid of the DHS and implementing M4A as mutually exclusive. There aren't enough brainlet wojak memes in the world for that one.
  14. "Help, help! I'm being repressed! Someone called me a name because I disagreed with them!" ... "You support ISIS because you disagree with me!" Besides, real talk: Values wise, ISIS has more in common with the guy who wanted a civil war over gay marriage than little ol' me.
  15. Also always funny to watch small government conservatives throw tantrums the moment anyone suggests cutting back on the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. What cucks.
  16. I'd add, "and replace it with M4A," after the ACA and we're golden.
  17. "Acosta has been an excellent Secretary of Labor." Wow. Scathing.
  18. Russiagate was little more than excuse by the Dem establishment to explain how they could lose to a sundowning oaf like Trump. This is way more clear cut: The Trump administration tried its best to give a child sex trafficker a sweetheart deal despite overwhelming evidence and make that whole issue go away. However, we also know it will wrap up prominent Dems so we also know they won't push this hard, if at all.
  19. A good way to make them focus on it would be a Congressional investigation. But, again, that won't happen since Pelosi prioritizes the reputations of other party leaders over achieving any sense of justice. We can just discount Senate investigations since McConnell has no soul.
  20. They already tried to let them off, hence why this new investigation is happening and why and investigation into why the Trump cabinet tried to let Epstein off with a sweetheart deal is necessary. I do not give the remotest **** if Republicans think it's a partisan move. Let them circle the wagons around child rapists and sex traffickers. I'm far more concerned about those in power who tried to sweep this under the rug. But they won't face justice, as you fear. Democrats know their own are also involved and want this to be as quiet as possible.
  21. Four years into his political career and you still think he'll face consequences through his opposition giving him more rope? lmao
  22. Really bad. Hopefully someone who is an actual populist and knows what they're doing also declares.