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  1. Seems like Beto is slipping into Booker territory.
  2. Not surprising. He's just being a good foot soldier following orders.
  3. Haven't looked at the polling data but I'm assuming the bulk of his support is coming from well off white people.
  4. It appears that the pro-Brexit elements of the Tories and Labour are coalescing around Farage's new party for the EU elections. Meanwhile, CUK is getting outpolled by UKIP.
  5. CAP and Tanden getting dragged in NYT was a development I was not expecting.
  6. Seems like there is a fire in the al-Aqsa Mosque as well, though it does not appear to be anywhere near as severe. Not a good day for world heritage sites.
  7. The replies to that are basically people from across the spectrum pointing out how dumb that take was. Not one of Dave's better moments.
  8. So their argument against M4A is that they already negotiated private health insurance plans so they aren't focused on healthcare and their argument against the GND is that it's taking attention away from labor issues. That's weak. Likewise, it doesn't even make sense: The politicians and candidates who are pushing for M4A and GND are the only ones talking about labor issues in any meaningful way. Also, IIRC, the national AFL-CIO endorsed singlepayer not that long ago.
  9. The reason why May is still around and the DUP is sticking with the coalition.
  10. It also looks like the second tier candidates are stabilizing at 7-9%.
  11. Looks like the Centre Party collapsed after their coalition government that ranged from the center to the far-right had lackluster results. The SDP appears to have narrowly filled the void though they, the Greens, and Left don't have enough seats to form a coalition government on their own.
  12. Generally I would agree. However, you also cannot let political organizations known for rat****ing preach about party unity when they blatantly do not practice it. If you want to play games then don't cry foul when people play along by pointing out your BS and donors.
  13. You can check the previous tweets that have been posted that show the email records, though I know you're still in deep denial about all that. They aren't the same in the sense that they're punching left against him while we're punching right. Also, and more to the point here, we're not pretending we're an independent news outlet despite all the evidence indicating that we're mouthpieces for a rat****ing blog that works at the behest of corporate and wealthy interests. And, finally, I seriously doubt this will have any electoral impact. As Jon Favreau said repeatedly when he was having a tantrum over people making fun of Beto: Twitter isn't real life. Unless you're very political and very online then you probably don't know or care about CAP or its satellites.
  14. 1. Your timeline for the Sirota thing fell apart immediately. 2. CAP kills TP articles and subjects if their donors don't like them. Yet they still pretend they are remotely independent. It's beyond farcical. Likewise, what is getting me about this is that Sanders defended your man Booker from their attacks against him in that letter yet you're still going to bat for them.
  15. I also don't know what world you have to be on if you ever thought Sanders was going to build a coalition with Hillary dead-enders. Obama barely pulled it off in 2008 after that primary fight was wrapped up.
  16. The emails let you know that they are not even remotely independent.
  17. Also, since you brought Sanders taking people from CAP on:
  18. [CAP consistently attacks Sanders and other progressives at the behest of party leadership] Sanders: Could you stop? We're trying to have a positive campaign here. You're only hurting the party's chances in 2020. CAP:
  19. If you preach party unity but consistently attack the people you're preaching it to then you should not be taken seriously and 100% deserve to be called out on it. Crying victim at that point is just utterly pathetic and is the same pattern of behavior we see from right-wing grifters.