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  1. What are you talking about? I'm sure they got a lot of dirt on Clinton from that raid on Manafort. Mueller executing Clinton is on schedule.
  2. Republican anti-proliferation strategy: 1. Claim nuclear deals Democrats set up with countries are a pathway to nuclear weapons. 2. Tear up, or try to tear up, those deals once in power. 3. ??? 4. Blame Democrats when those countries start developing nuclear weapons
  3. And then W decided to scrap the North Korea nuclear deal because... reasons.
  4. Google didn't fire him for no reason. The justification they gave was that this guy promoted negative gender stereotypes which would harm Google's brand. That is understandable but you can look at this situation and come to the conclusion that they only did it because they were getting bad PR and assumed getting rid of him was the easiest out. Saying that this would not happen with stronger labor protections and a union was a bit much, I'll cop to that, but with better labor protections and a union then he'd have a stronger organization to fall back on to fight such a termination.
  5. Looks like the bad polls are getting to him.
  6. Truly amazing how a document shared with nearly 60,000 people got out into the wider world. Must be a PC plot against maligned conservatives.
  7. Things aren't looking good for Trump. Better rattle those sabers.
  8. Also, the first we heard of this was from Google employees saying on social media that they did not approve of the contents of the document. We did not see the document until days later when media outlets started probing to figure out what the **** they were talking about.
  9. It's my belief that once you share something onto a network then it's only a matter of time before it gets shared onto other networks. That becomes especially true when you're sharing it on ******* Google products.
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