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  1. Just following the logic you guys laid out. South Korea is basically Venezuela and [insert other country conservatives think has a socialist economy here] now.
  2. Sorry, South Korea is communist now according to conservatives.
  3. This one will get a lot of use.
  4. Eh, sure. You inadvertently supported my position before so you can get your apology for misinterpreting your point.
  5. Ah, I see. I thought you meant 80% were extremely satisfied and believed no or few fixes were needed. This makes much more sense. Thanks for the clarification. Polls at the same time showed 70-80% of Americans viewed healthcare costs as their top concern and supported insurance reform. This reminds me of stuff like Congress being very disliked but people love their Representatives.
  6. Your argument was that 80% of Americans were satisfied with the healthcare system prior to Obamacare. Actual satisfactions at the time was around 29%. For your other point: Dude, you're just supporting my argument that private health insurance is a failed market. Costs were skyrocketing and plans were not providing what their customers needed or expected. Obamacare attempted to tweak that system but tweaks aren't going to fix something that cannot function any longer. The private health insurance markets need to be blown up and replaced, preferably with a Medicare for All system. That leads to: This is a great mentality to have. You can apply that to a M4A system where we all pay our part so we can all get covered and cared for but instead of people having to go to the ER when they can't put a problem off any longer they can instead get a regular appointment and get the problem dealt with ASAP.
  7. Other way around.
  8. It was failing before Obamacare, hence why there was even a mandate to pass something like Obamacare. The problem is that they tried to save the private health insurance market by regulating how they need to operate to take care of the most egregious issues (eg. dropping people once they needed it, pre-existing conditions) and then forcing people to buy a private product to try to offset the costs. It was like putting a cast on without setting the broken bone.
  9. You're very close to realizing that private health insurance is a failed market.
  10. What if you're not in a position to get more jobs to pay for the expenses or ask for money to help cover the costs?
  11. So the wise thing to do for a medical emergency is to not have insurance and to take more jobs?
  12. Ah, good. You have experience. What were the sage financial decisions you made when you lived paycheck to paycheck and couldn't save money but a emergency expense (eg. medical situation, car broke down) came up?
  13. No, I got your point. I just don't care. Cap being out of touch with the financial stresses of people with lesser means. What else is new?
  14. I'm just glad they're not pretending to give a **** about right-wing snowflakes complaining about free speech. Good on Fresno State.
  15. That's because we actually need to spend over $5 trillion to rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure. Less than $1 trillion only made a dent in it and $1.5 trillion, as has been suggested during Trump's many scandal riddle infrastructure weeks, will also only make a dent in the problem... and judging off of Puerto Rico that will mostly be ineffective since it will primarily be a grift program for cronies. You have to learn about the world around you.