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  1. Rolling back minority protections because their base think people that they think are gross being protected is oppression against them. Driving companies out of your state is a side effect.
  2. And North Korea would nuke us for no reason... why?
  3. Yep. That is totally what those religious freedom laws are for. What a joke.
  4. They would commit national suicide for ***** and gigs... why?
  5. And they would nuke us and ensure their own destruction... why?
  6. I can't wait for all the economic development we've seen in the state over the past decade or so go up in smoke.
  7. Do you honestly believe North Korea is going to nuke America for the **** of it? Do you think it has nothing to do with us threatening to invade North Korea and them deciding to get nukes to prevent that from happening? As for the religion part:
  8. Clearly what we need to do here is blindly support the president who threatens preemptive nuclear strikes. If you don't then you hate America, because freedom and Jesus.
  9. Your beliefs are a disease but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry.
  10. Flip what Trump and North Korea said and you'd have the right order.
  11. 300th time is the charm. Clinton is going down for Benghazi!
  12. The deal was that the international community would help North Korea build two nuclear reactors that could only produce fissile material for power plants. This would be accompanied by regular inspections to make sure they were not attempting to modify the reactors. This was done to get North Korea to shutdown a nuclear reactor they had already built which was capable of producing weapons grade fissile material. The nuclear reactors/power plants were set to begin construction in 2003. However, W and his cohorts claimed North Korea was producing WMDs in 2002 since they had not shutdown the
  13. This will throw gasoline on the fire of this **** pic scandal. I, for one, look forward to it and can only hope Bolling's life is ruined by it.
  14. The reactors, which would have been designed to be incapable of developing weapons grade fissile material and would have been accompanied by regular inspections, were never built. North Korea built their own reactors which could produce weapons grade fissile material with the help of Pakistan after W tore up the agreement.
  15. Can you provide a link to the nuclear reactors we built for them?
  16. Wahhabism was gaining traction in Afghanistan thanks to Saudi Arabia making an effort to send clerics there throughout the 60s and 70s, which is part of the reason the Afghan communists conducted their coup when they did because they feared the Wahhabists would become too big to head off if they waited any longer. The ISI, which I'll remind you was the agency we picked to decide who received out money and guns, specifically picked out Wahhabist militant groups because they believed they were the best bet to create a weak Afghanistan after the war. ****, the Saudis were matching our "donations"
  17. What's heroic about funding and arming the militant group that did 9/11?
  18. So... they should keep their nuclear weapons?
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