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  1. He was part of the scheme to marry off Dany at the start to get her and Viserys as far away as possible. Feel like that'll get out at some point.
  2. Where we left off all we know is that R+L=J, since GRRM was not subtle with that even though it was never explicitly stated. The only person left who knows this is Howland Reed, who is doing whatever the **** he does in his swamp castle, and maybe Samwell soon since he's going to the Citadel and they have the records there. I guess the three eyed crow knows, too.
  3. IIRC the last thing he did was hire a merc company laying siege to Meereen to break their contract and help him take the Westerlands, because he still hates his dead dad, by promising all the gold in the vaults of Casterly Rock, which there is none.
  4. The Dorne and Aegon (and related) storylines were my favorites in the books. Naturally those were the ones the show either butchered the most or cut out.
  5. She has been showing signs of insanity from the start. It will [most likely] make more sense in the books for no other reason than Aegon will be on the throne instead of Cersei. Someone else with a supposedly better claim on the throne *cough*Blackfyre*cough* after building up her God complex would probably be the thing that makes her snap for good instead of just... I dunno... on a whim.
  6. If you're looking at it in a very literal sense then Arya earned it and it makes sense. Assassin and what not. The real reason people are annoyed is that, plot and story wise, she did not earn it. The story and plot has been gearing the audience for Jon, the figure of prophecy that would defeat the dead and save the living, to be the one who would ultimately do it... Then he was prevented from doing so, sort of gave up towards the end, and a character unrelated to that plot did it instead. Eight years of build up, expectations, and character fulfillment done away because D&D decided on a whim not to at the last minute. It's character arc blue balls.
  7. Sort of ruins the point of Littlefinger's story that there is only so far you can climb if you don't have the correct connections to power... bloodlines in his case. Though I guess they already ruined that with Cersei taking the throne.
  8. It makes more sense when you find out that Bill Hader wrote and directed it.
  9. I cannot emphasize enough that Nate Silver needs to stick with numbers because he is among the densest pundits out there.
  10. They basically have an unlimited budget but they couldn't hire some random kid who plays Total War to help write the battles. SMH
  11. All I could think of while it was winding down was how basically all of them should be dead. Jon most of all. The ones pinned against the wall surviving also annoyed me. Also, how the **** did Jorah get to Dany?
  12. He really needs to stick with numbers. His punditry is terrible.
  13. Going full air raid.
  14. He's perfect at RG since they're usually left on their own on passing plays since protection usually shifts to the left.