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  1. When none of your arguments have any consistency then it's pretty easy to sniff the truth.
  2. How is failing to restrict him not giving him what he wants? Wasn't that the entire point of the blue wave?
  3. Owning the left by giving Trump what he wants...?
  4. Been staying on topic. You keep saying you don't want these people in the country since they don't respect the law, however when it's pointed out that the administration isn't respecting the law by closing ports of entry you don't care and try to blame the asylum seekers. Why does your deep seeded need for respecting the law end at blocking refugees from legally entering the country?
  5. In case anyone is wondering, Markos Moulitsas is this guy: Pelosi is somehow losing him with this scapegoating and left punching.
  6. Would you prefer if I said you hate America instead?
  7. Proved my point. You only care about "respecting our laws" until your side decides we're not letting brown people in. At that point, meh, who cares if we're breaking our own laws by closing ports of entry.
  8. The United States is the oldest country in the Americas, so we're off to a strong start there. Your little scenario also sums up the United States' relationship with Latin America for the past few centuries: Invasions, coups, economic pressure, arming rebel armies, that one time a rich slaveowner tried to form a slave empire in Central America, etc. American foreign policy revolves around keeping these countries in line so they provide the resources our corporations want at the lowest cost. There's a reason why "banana republic" is a term. Likewise, if we want them to join in our failed drug war then they're made to join whether they're capable of dealing with the consequences or not. So, again:
  9. Not their fault y'all caved on concentration camps.
  10. You not knowing how the world works is no laughing matter.
  11. I would word that in a less ****headed way, but yes. We banned the drugs, for a wide variety of reasons ranging from simple racism to wanting to crack down on hippies, and "convinced" other countries to follow suit. The problem there is that there is still a massive demand for those goods. Instead of having some sanctioned industries that are well regulated produce those goods they have instead fallen to the black market. That becomes especially problematic in countries that are primary producers and distribution hubs, which is the problem facing Mexico and Central America at the moment. This problem becomes far worse when governments don't have the capabilities to actually deal with these black market forces.
  12. At any rate: @SpongeDad
  13. These brown people coming here must be a (((plot)))!
  14. If you clog your own sink then you probably shouldn't blame the water.
  15. How would the wall solve the international problems the war on drugs has caused?
  16. "invade" lol Nativist terms haven't changed in centuries. It also matters quite a bit that we barred them from ports of entry. That is in violation of our own laws, Mr. Law and Order. When you don't provide desperate people the opportunity to go through the legal channels then they're going to seek other methods to find safety from what they're fleeing.
  17. Would their entire families be killed if they don't let their kids be conscripted into gangs or their villages massacred by cartels if they if they moved to those cities?
  18. We violated our own laws by blocking ports of entry to them so they couldn't apply for asylum. For whatever reason you don't care about that. Wonder why.
  19. If they're fleeing from gang and cartel violence then why would they stay in the country that is at the epicenter of cartel violence?
  20. Do you know what a port of entry is?
  21. Both should have probably mentioned that the ports of entry were closed to asylum seekers... so they can't "seek it the legal way" under present policy.
  22. The Party of Hastert.
  23. Seems like the article is just about him not wanting photo op campaign stops, to make his personal history the center of his campaign, or really attack other candidates.