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  1. This is what grassroots support looks like.
  2. Dunno. Weaver is still there as a senior adviser at any rate.
  3. Still sticks in my craw.
  4. Still annoying that a superdelegate endorsed this early.
  5. Former member of CAP (Tanden is happy with this, I'm sure) where he focused on economic and civil rights issues, worked as an adviser for Harry Reid, and was most recently an advocacy and policy strategist at the ACLU.
  6. We know full well what the Marlins did with Stanton and his contract. The Rays basically never spend money. The Rangers tend to be middle of the pack in terms of spending even during their good years. The only exception is the Astros, and even then they're barely in the top third of the league in terms of payroll. That may change soon once their core starts really getting up there in arb years though.
  7. Noted big spenders: The Marlins and Rays.
  8. They go where the money is, which tends to be blue states.
  9. It'd be cool if the Braves signed someone now.
  10. Machado is 26 and a well rounded hitter. They should be fine.
  11. The Padres were a pretty solid argument against it.