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  1. If Sanders was regularly hanging on with the guy after the campaign and kept appearing close to planning stages then, yeah, that'd raise some red flags.
  2. IIRC, it was satire. It wasn't good satire though so he should get dumped on for it.
  3. As stated before I'd find it at least a bit concerning if Sanders was friends with a child sex trafficker and kept going on his Lolita Express. Maybe that's just me being a purity testing Bernie Bro though.
  4. Though, to be fair and balanced, I guess I should look for a video of Trump on that plane, too.
  5. So am I supposed to dig up a video of Clinton molesting someone on that plane or something?
  6. "Everyone is a cultist but me," I say as I shrug off someone's decades long associations with a child sex trafficker.
  7. Not really. You're basically just making the same arguments that Dershowitz made when his associations and "massages" became public.
  8. Sorry for not posting another article that would have said the same thing and cited the same documents.
  9. They provide a link to the flight logs in the article if you don't believe Gawker. This is getting sad, dude.
  10. I dunno, I just find it funny that you grasp at straws with your Sanders gotchas but you'll dig in your heels over people suggesting that Bill Clinton did something inappropriate on the plane that we know was used for child molestation and trafficking.
  11. Pretty sure even his most hardcore supporters would be alarmed if Sanders was on the pedo plane a few dozen times.
  12. I take it back: Ryan limping off the field is rock bottom.
  13. Not my fault he's on the flight logs. I criticize the Clintons about that stuff, too, but then I get bitched at for poisoning the well and not being loyal to the Dems.
  14. If you ride on the child molestation plane a few dozens times then likelihood increases.
  15. tbf it's the only time the Falcons showed any fight today.
  16. Slick Willy got frequent flyer miles on the Lolita Express.
  17. Rams doing the dirty bird on us is definitely rock bottom.
  18. When the Dolphins and Bengals are both winning and the Falcons still look terrible.
  19. $110 million guaranteed to struggle against this defense lmao