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  1. Gotta try to spin it some way, I guess.
  2. It makes even less sense considering how the 18th district will be located come November.
  3. The CDC published a study that guns in the home were linked to a increased risk of homicide in the home and suicide. The NRA viewed this as a threat to their bottom line so they pushed for the Dickey Amendment, which put a lid on anything that could be construed as arguing for gun control, and by extension limited gun violence research in general since most gun violence research could be construed as gun control advocacy, and severely limited funds for whatever gun violence research they did decide to take up. So, it's an over the top claim but not by much and not at the level as saying gun control advocates only want it because they think guns look scary. Hopefully it's repealed once Republicans are swept out, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Not now, obviously, but hopefully one day, especially considering the politics of millennials and genZ.
  5. If you can't make due with a shotgun, revolver, or bolt action rifle then that's your problem. You already get money from your neighbor if your kid gets sick. That's how insurance works, whether it's private or public.
  6. Banning magazine and belt fed guns is a start, but not everything. Ending the drug war, implementing a public healthcare system that also covers mental health issues, expanding other social services to relieve pressure from people, and so on are other factors. I'm also not the one pretending my solution is a cure all.
  7. Doesn't seem to prevent the massacres though. From the massacres I can recall most ended because the shooter killed themselves or gave up themselves up to police when they were finished, not because a good guy with a gun killed them. As was pointed out in the other thread, the only recent exception, at least that I can think of, was Sutherland but even then the shooter was only killed after he was finished killing the people in the church. That got me thinking though... The guards and cops at Stoneman Douglas didn't go in as the shooting was going on but instead took positions outside. They are being labeled cowards by the gun ******* crowd. The good guy with a gun at Sutherland did the same thing. He is considered an archetypal hero by the same crowd. What's the deal with that?
  8. It's the same protocol they follow on bases in warzones. This also attempts to ignore that that all personnel are disarmed on bases, so even then you have more than a few soldiers who are armed to deal with potential situations. It's not like shooters that target them think it's going to be a cakewalk. That said, the premise is that shooters avoid areas that they know people with guns are. That is demonstrably false. If they feel like people who have wronged them in some way or another need to be killed then they're going to target those people regardless of the gun situation in the area.
  9. The problem with your argument is that mass shooters have targeted military bases and courthouses. They have also targeted cops, though I'm not entirely about the numbers of police station shootings. I don't know of mass shootings at shooting ranges but more than a few murders and suicides have occurred in those areas. Your argument has no real foundation.
  10. It'd be a really bad sign for Republicans if this was just polling as a tie.
  11. Ugh.
  12. That is not what he said. Go back and read. His point is that all these massacres happen only in gun free zones (which is not true btw) and the only way to rectify that is to arm people in those zones, that the only way violent crime can be prevented is to, "fight back." It's just more of the gun ****** fairy tale that the only way we can stop bad guys with guns is good guys with guns.
  13. It's a trope whether you like to admit it or not.
  14. Not really. Your argument is that the only solution to violent crime is to arm more people. That clearly is not the case given the situation in this country.
  15. lol Such a childish and fearmongering mindset. People have been fighting fire with fire when it comes to violent crime since time immemorial yet it's still around. Guards and cops are armed in gun free zones yet incidents continue to happen. People who are armed are robbed and/or killed anyway. Maybe fighting fire with fire doesn't work, eh?
  16. 'Trope' is about right.
  17. True, and does so to give breathing room for and promote settlerism. Doesn't make antisemitism ok though.
  18. It hasn't been specified which rifle was used, but I know you love that 'scary looking guns' trope so whatevs.
  19. Out of curiosity, who are we supposed to arm now after the retirement home hostage situation and shootings yesterday? Is the solution to make those buildings massacre proof, too?
  20. The last polls from Pennsylvania before the election showed a tie and Trump winning the state.