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  1. Having a chuckle over thinking the 10th Amendment allows states to secede because the Constitution didn't give the federal government the power to secede.
  2. Quoting a website that wants Vermont to secede, I see.
  3. Oh? Care to point out the provision that allows secession in the Constitution?
  4. He also has some opinions about the Bolsheviks and their Judeo-ness. I'm just going to preface this with stating that I'm not a big fan of command economies. They're too subject to the whims of whoever holds the most power at the time which, as we have seen, can lead to less than stellar results. That said... There were a lot of factors that led to the decline of the Soviet economy in the 70s and 80s, most notably the sharp population decline after WW2 and the inability to replace those numbers being felt at the time and the central government's obsession with heavy industry while overlooking other sectors. The collapse following the fall of communism, however, is mostly due to the system shock of rapidly selling off the assets of a state run economy to private buyers (something we were very involved in to help secure the 1996 election for Yeltsin's booze soaked corpse) and, more importantly, Russia losing a whole lot of territory due to successful independence movements.
  5. China is too weird of an example since throughout most of history they made up the plurality of the global economy with that dipping only during the century of humiliation.
  6. Also, as AR pointed out: The height of American economic dominance came when there were tight business regulations, labor friendly laws and courts, high progressive taxation, and the government was very active within the economy. The decline is associated with the rise of neoliberalism where those trends were reversed.
  7. Thinking the economy in the 1950s happened in a vacuum would explain how you think Democrats winning in 2006 caused the Great Recession.
  8. Was curious about this: Hmm...
  9. I also like how he there was no push back when equating capitalism with slavery and genocide. Usually they pretend that those things are completely unrelated.
  10. And yet that wouldn't have happened without taking land with vast amounts of resources to exploit or setting the industrial foundation which was fueled by slavery in the South.
  11. Really any cheap immigrant labor while simultaneously treating them poorly and with nativists foaming at the mouth that we need to get rid of the newcomers or else America will be doomed.
  12. Have we become so cynical that we can't trust someone who changes his position hours apart and has been caught plagiarizing industry think tanks?
  13. Cleared the land for settlement and taking resources and slavery is undoubtedly what made the country wealthy, mainly with cash crops like tobacco and cotton. That cheap cotton (due to slavery) is what fueled the industrial revolution up North. Or, to put it more simply and as you would say: Capitalism.
  14. At least Gausman won't be in the rotation much longer.
  15. Why would you believe this is a genuine change?
  16. Rich people need to be stopped.
  17. Why the **** do people not wash their legs?
  18. $50 million in expiring contracts. Gotta love rebuilds lol
  19. Genocide and slavery?
  20. And America has never lost a war. Just ignore the ones we've lost. That's a weird point to make considering you praising what computers did earlier.
  21. Not thrilled with this but it makes sense considering how Gausman has been doing.
  22. Yes. Clearly I am. Would prefer an NHS, but I'm willing to moderate for political expediency. I agree. Obamacare is a terrible system that needs to be replaced. Its key problem is that it's trying to prop up a failing market but, as we have seen, you can't stop a market collapse. You need to know when to move onto a better system, like M4A. You don't want real capitalism. You want the healthcare equivalent of returning to the abacus.