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  1. A police helicopter crashed near the protest site.
  2. No. Three people have died from the car attack.
  3. Death toll now up to three. Trump still hasn't condemned the perpetrators or labeled this as an act of terrorism.
  4. Exactly who I suspected: The Headless Nazi.
  5. FYI, that is the crowd you keep getting Seth Rich stuff from.
  6. Most of the GOP: "This is deeply troubling." *does nothing about it*
  7. Exactly what someone in custody would claim in a Facebook post.
  8. Joel VanGheluwe is a typical millennial radical leftist terrorist who can't stop posting on Facebook even when he's in custody. smh at this generation.
  9. I remember when 4chan and Reddit did their sleuthing for the Boston marathon bombing but only wound up threatening and doxxing the wrong people.
  10. "Nazis commit terrorist attack, 1 dead." Trumpers: *chuckle* I see through your plan, Soros.
  11. Sure it does. It can hide with Bannon and Miller.
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