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  1. Oh. I thought the point of primaries was to nominate the candidates that you think are the best based on their records and what they'll do. My mistake.
  2. He can. He also knows Realmuto's value will only decrease if he's on the roster to start next season.
  3. The Braves probably put an offer down for Realmuto, it was the best offer the Marlins received for him, the Marlins demanded more anyway, the Braves refuse to budge, so now we've got our present situation of the Marlins trying to gin up more demand to get them to budge but they still refuse.
  4. Like, do you honestly believe O'Rourke would push for a jobs guarantee or M4A in any form given his record?
  5. And I pointed out that Kulinski doesn't have great instincts and pointed out that Chapo and others were never fond of Beto, even though they supported him against Cruz. Likewise, I pointed out the actual Berniecrat (Sema Hernandez) that ran in the Dem Senate primary when you laughably said that Beto was the Berniecrat. Also, LOL @ concerted effort. Couldn't possibly be that they just don't want him to be president based on ideology and can see exactly what Democratic Party elites are trying to do with Beto "The White Obama" O'Rourke. lmao
  6. Since you brought up Kulinski in the other thread about this: Like I said before, he doesn't have the best instincts in the world.
  7. LOL Klobuchar only gets included because she hasn't received elite backing yet/flailed afterward and has generally flown under the radar during the early knife fighting despite early indicators that she'll run. That will leave her in a better position than most with an actual shot. She isn't one of the main favorites (Sanders, Beto) though.
  8. Since you brought up McElwee:
  9. I'm well aware of McElwee. He's done a lot of great stuff (eg. calling out the findings of the Mercatus M4A study and giving them a black eye) and generally goes with the DSA flow, a la backing AOC early. Warren isn't going anywhere. I've said that early and often. She's caught in the no man's land of being too centrist for the left and too left for the centrists, she hasn't built a coalition of voters or elected officials, she lacks true political instincts which was put on full display with the DNA thing, and, since dumb **** like this matters, she's too soft spoken. Then you get into matters like her underperforming during the blue wave and you get a dead in the water 2020 presidential campaign. Stop trying to make Warren 2020 happen. It isn't happening. Party elites already tried to push for Booker. Then his numbers didn't go up and generally fell on his face during the public hearings. At that point they moved onto Harris, who made a name for herself during those hearings. Nationally, people just aren't into him or what he's selling. That isn't even taking into account his connections with the Trumps and Kushners. As for the top five, Harris didn't do much with the party elites pushing for her either which is why they've moved onto Beto, who has done something with it, so really it's a top four. Safe to say Biden crashes and burns at some point, as he always does, which would really only leave Sanders, Beto, and Klobuchar. Harris just went through a bit of a scandal after one of her longtime aides had to resign for sexual harassment that she knew about. Another reason why she isn't a contender.
  10. Booker and Harris had their moments of the centrist powers of be pushing them but they never got off the ground, a la Kennedy III. They aren't contenders. As for O'Rourke, it will ultimately be the difference between lip service to progressives combined with the usual vague BS (eg. singlepayer is mentioned but mostly just wants to fix a garbage ACA; Can't kill our way to a foreign policy but if we have to then we should have clearly stated goals!) vs. clear cut, actually progressive policy positions.
  11. If Abrams generated more buzz then why are centrist think tanks and outlets pushing for Beto so hard instead of her?
  12. That's better. Also forgot that Rubin was on TYT lol
  13. lol The fact that he thinks it matters says it all. Just say, "Who give a ****," and move on. No need to step on rakes over meaningless ******** like Warren did.
  14. Booker needs to bow out before he gets started.
  15. You've been grasping at straws for Booker, Harris, and Warren (until recently) for God knows how long lol It's entirely possible that Sanders doesn't grow his support. As it stands, however, the ones who are leading at the ones viewed as working class champions, even if Biden is anything but, which is most likely why this is a thing: Biden most likely has that lead for no other reason than that he was Obama's VP, getting that combo of perceptions as a working class politician and a return to normalcy. Once he gets MeToo'd or implodes in some other way like he always does then his support will go to Sanders and most likely Beto, since the centrist politicians who can't figure out that the Reagan/Clinton era is over (Booker, Harris, Bloomberg, Castro) all have little support with no reason to believe they'll grow it. At that point, who knows?
  16. bErNiE iS cOlLaPsInG
  17. It's going to be a brokered convention.