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  1. Going to post this here, too.
  2. I went into this thread to talk about Swanson hitting two HRs but I'm going to leave by saying **** you for posting that. I didn't need that tweet in my life.
  3. Not denying that. Just saying that college football's product is ****** imo since most of the teams and players are terrible and that is very noticeable. It's the same reason why college basketball is unwatchable to me.
  4. I feel like this will be the case every year but then I watch college football and am bored to death by it until the playoffs since most of the teams and players are hot garbage.
  5. I'm sure Republicans will always beat the odds and barely scrape out victories. Talk about overconfidence.
  6. 538's House forecast is out.
  7. Glavine and Maddux were fine in the playoffs until they started hitting their mid-30s. Their problems always seemed to revolve around Cox being a terrible tactical manager but no one could do anything about it since the players loved him. We're probably going to have to live through that again with Snitker, because we're not allowed to have nice things.
  8. And if old people bicker in there we can quickly get to the next page and never see their argument again.
  9. Dansby is hitting better but now he's making bone headed errors in the field. Just ******* it.