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  1. I think Chip Kelly has ruined college coaches going to the NFL for a while.
  2. He'll be making bank off of the A's signing bonus instead. Then they'll trade him after a season or two in the Majors.
  3. I like Murray but I don't think he'd have much success in the NFL. Wilson may be short but he's got the build to absorb blows. Murray is too lean.
  4. That's what I was thinking. If Saban was the coach here then Fromm would have been benched ages ago if there's talent like that available. I guess Smart doesn't have Saban's ruthlessness.
  5. ... How the **** is he the 2nd string QB?
  6. Better than the eyesore garbage they had before.
  7. It's basically the, "this team did better than we were expecting," award. Still, it's nice to watch the Braves collect the awards this offseason.
  8. I've been telling you: Booker isn't going anywhere. He's the centrist version of Warren... No real base outside of the home state and doesn't really fire anyone up. Beto is interesting. The center loves him while the left seems open to him, which is a rare start. He's a good organizer, has charisma, excites a lot of people outside of his home state, and he's young. At the very least he's most likely going to be near or at the top of VP shortlists.
  9. Biden and Sanders are still at the top, though Biden will probably collapse once the campaign season kicks into gear. Beto gained steam. The usual figures floated as potential leading figures (eg. Warren, Harris, Booker) are stagnant or falling. The really interesting thing is that among Biden and Sanders supporters their second choice is Sanders and Biden, respectively.
  10. Guess I know what I'm getting baked to watch now.
  11. Republicans lost Gingrich's old district lol
  12. We do that every day in the Middle East, my dude. Name one of our leaders in the Hague.
  13. You're talking about a guerrilla war in the United States. Pretending they wouldn't put you down with the tools they have available is just silly.
  14. Indeed. How it would work in America is that you'd be obliterated by drones and mopped up by soldiers with vastly better technology than you.
  15. They took the bases in Syria in order to deprive government forces of force projection points, airfields, and to destroy equipment and vehicles they couldn't use so the military couldn't in case they took the areas back. Keeping control of bases is how the SAA maintained a foothold in eastern regions and were the focal points of retaking those territories. Like... C'mon. This is basic **** that you can see happening in the world right now.
  16. Not really. You'd need significant defections from the military to actually organize, lead them, take control of bases, etc., as happened in Syria and Yemen. If not then they'd just get snuffed out like the Libyan rebels were going to be until foreign powers intervened and caused the entire country to implode.
  17. Do you seriously think the problem is subduing Afghanistan over the centuries has been because of random armed people and not the terrain, organized tribal armed forces, and militia/militant groups? Do you think the Taliban is just random armed people? LOL
  18. The state militias were federalized under the National Guard. The states have no organized militia unless you want to count stuff like the Georgia Defense Force. What we have are just random armed people who pose no real threat to anyone but other individuals. The government has zero reason to fear you.
  19. Can you not read? The problem here, of course, is that organized militias are irrelevant now, hence the necessity from pro-gun advocates to try to divorce the right to bear arms from the organized militia portion of the amendment.