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  1. It'd be a really bad sign for Republicans if this was just polling as a tie.
  2. Ugh.
  3. That is not what he said. Go back and read. His point is that all these massacres happen only in gun free zones (which is not true btw) and the only way to rectify that is to arm people in those zones, that the only way violent crime can be prevented is to, "fight back." It's just more of the gun ****** fairy tale that the only way we can stop bad guys with guns is good guys with guns.
  4. It's a trope whether you like to admit it or not.
  5. Not really. Your argument is that the only solution to violent crime is to arm more people. That clearly is not the case given the situation in this country.
  6. lol Such a childish and fearmongering mindset. People have been fighting fire with fire when it comes to violent crime since time immemorial yet it's still around. Guards and cops are armed in gun free zones yet incidents continue to happen. People who are armed are robbed and/or killed anyway. Maybe fighting fire with fire doesn't work, eh?
  7. 'Trope' is about right.
  8. True, and does so to give breathing room for and promote settlerism. Doesn't make antisemitism ok though.
  9. It hasn't been specified which rifle was used, but I know you love that 'scary looking guns' trope so whatevs.
  10. Out of curiosity, who are we supposed to arm now after the retirement home hostage situation and shootings yesterday? Is the solution to make those buildings massacre proof, too?
  11. The last polls from Pennsylvania before the election showed a tie and Trump winning the state.
  12. Miranda is the best one now.
  13. Does this include the elections over 2017-18?
  14. There are more than a few mechanisms to impose tariffs to level the playing field. Where this gets incredibly dumb is: 1. He's trying to use national security as the reason for these tariffs. Those WTO rules regard things like, y'know, military arms and supplies. They're undoubtedly going to get dunked on if they try to actually argue that. 2. These tariffs were presented to him by advisors that would have leveled the playing field. Trump then opted to double that recommendation since he was in a bad mood. 3. He is still threatening to impose these tariffs on Canada and Mexico, who will respond in kind like most of the world has threatened since he announced this. This becomes an obvious issue when you realize that this will disproportionately negatively impact the Rust Belt. 4. It will still be cheaper for corporations to outsource labor and export goods to the United States. 5. This will cause prices to rise on a host of goods. 6. Trump is considered a joke in the business world since he's actually a terrible negotiator. He doesn't negotiate prices when he licenses his brand out to anyone who asks and is part of the reason of why he can't take out loans anymore. It's why the producers of The Apprentice went after him to host the show since they thought it would be hilarious if they made a notoriously bad businessman the face of a business oriented show.
  15. This should be a fun hung parliament to watch.
  16. The lesson you should have gleaned from that is that corporate scientific studies, especially when it's good marketing for them, are suspect. Another example of this would be the studies from fossil fuel industries.