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  1. No way she doesn't run against Perdue.
  2. It makes sense to declare early if you're trying to get some attention to maybe poach some support from the frontrunners. If you're a frontrunner then there's no point in rushing. Still not feeling Booker.
  3. She won't win the nomination no matter how much party leaders and donors want her to.
  4. These takes from Trump bootlickers will never stop being funny.
  5. There are a bunch of apps for them. iPhones have one pre-installed and iTunes lets you play them as well. Don't know about Androids and other phones. The UI for that Apple app sucks ***, imo, so I use Stitcher, though I have heard other apps have better UI but I don't want to lose my listening stats by switching.
  6. lol
  7. Makes sense if you're aiming for a cabinet spot.
  8. Why would he bow out because someone with a conservative voting record and super questionable foreign ties is running? Because she tried to ride his coattails in 2016 and joined his wife's organization? That doesn't make any sense.
  9. This is honestly one of the worst articles I have read in a long while. Booker doesn't have support from Hispanics or Asians because... there aren't many Hispanics or Asians in New Jersey. Sanders doesn't have non-white support... even though all recent polling data shows his problems are with white Dems, not non-white Dems. Harris has the black vote in the bag because... a survey of donors said they liked her. etc. etc.
  10. Looks like Sanders is gearing up to not run.
  11. Not saying he didn't know. Clearly the higher ups needed to know in order to deal with the complaints, including the settlement. Your argument, however, seems to be that he was demoted since he was viewed as part of the problem, but if that was the case then I seriously doubt he'd be back in any role. I don't recall who it was, maybe it was Optimus, but someone in the other thread tried to assert that they were lying, or something to that extent, and tried to dismiss the story out of hand. That was disgusting and needs to stop and I said as much. So, we're still in agreement there. That said, using them as a weapon to smear Sanders is also disgusting and needs to stop. That's a huge stretch, especially if you read the article.
  12. 1. Again, don't know why they came to that decision. Just pointing out what was reported and pointing out that if he was viewed as a problem, as you keep trying to say, then he wouldn't be back at all. 2. Funny you bring up Di Lauro: Is she throwing women under the bus like Konst apparently was? Is she also being blindly loyal to Sanders like TYT, Kulinski, and others for recognizing how her story is being used to not call for necessary reforms but to smear Sanders?
  13. Well aware. Reports still say they came to this decision well beforehand. Likewise, if he was considered a problem then they wouldn't be bringing him back at all. The original story also said when they brought up harassment that the situations were dealt with, ranging from workplace counseling to outright firing. However, since there weren't structures and procedures put in place beforehand (worthy of scorn) the situations weren't dealt with quickly enough. So, they came forward again so the necessary structures were put in place in case Sanders ran again, since he most likely will, and to bring attention to these problems that campaigns generally face... as Konst mentioned.
  14. Reports say they came to that agreement well before the reports popped up. So, no. As to why? Don't know. Could be that Sanders has someone else in mind or Weaver just doesn't want to be the campaign manager again.
  15. Weaver is staying on as an adviser, just not returning as the campaign manager.