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  1. When someone drums too close to me:
  2. I keep imagining this and I can't stop laughing.
  3. He's just standing there... MENACINGLY!
  4. The alpha male movement trying to defeat those globalist cucks believe playing a drum too close to you is assault. What a limp **** losers lmao
  5. The march was designated to end at the Lincoln Memorial, dumb dumb. The one posted by Reason, since they thought it was a silver bullet to blame minorities instead.
  6. Watched the whole video: Did you watch the whole video?
  7. They were standing in the path of the natives march, the natives tried to walk around them but the kids blocked them off, then you get the scenes we're familiar with, then after a few minutes when it was clear the kids were not going to move, clear a path, stop mocking them, or saying **** like it was good that the native's lands were stolen they gave up, left, and sought a different path around them. So, no. The right's attempt to run interference for them has been lacking, at best.
  8. Sanders calling in the coordinated hit against Gillibrand.
  9. Don't want people to regret voting for a Rubio.
  10. Flavor of the month starting to sour.
  11. No way she doesn't run against Perdue.
  12. It makes sense to declare early if you're trying to get some attention to maybe poach some support from the frontrunners. If you're a frontrunner then there's no point in rushing. Still not feeling Booker.
  13. She won't win the nomination no matter how much party leaders and donors want her to.
  14. These takes from Trump bootlickers will never stop being funny.