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  1. Beto and Harris are candidates 1A and 1B for the party establishment and donors. Really the only mystery at this point is which order they are in.
  2. Definitely the PUMA crowd.
  3. Still a bit upset that they didn't pick him, but I can't be mad about it because they got Matthews instead and he has been one of the very few good LTs drafted since then. Also basically the only good O-lineman that TD has drafted. Gotta appreciate miracles when they happen. I haven't really gotten into the draft nitty gritty yet but from what I have seen I can say that Oliver is definitely not as good as Donald was when he declared. He just doesn't have the same knack for getting into the backfield consistently. I guess that is an impossible standard though. He reminds me much more of Jarrett.
  4. The people who are viscerally opposed to Sanders seem to mostly be white people from what I have noticed. Probably the PUMA crowd.
  5. I need interviews with people who said they never heard of, “Someone entirely new.”
  6. The Beto part is genuinely surprising.
  7. They were criticized at the time for that endorsement. One of the times JD had better sense.
  8. Those are nice, though the EJA would be better as a tag onto the GND. I think he co-sponsored another climate bill which was intended to prod the private market to go in that direction instead of using the government to implement it which is just... ugh. He's a very frustrating politician since he so often goes in the right direction but just can't seem to take that necessary final step. There is also stuff like his run of the mill foreign policy, charter school pushes in New Jersey, and chumminess with Silicon Valley that lead one to desire something better.
  9. Gillibrand has certainly moved left rhetorically since she started hanging out with McElwee, though what her definition of what "Abolish ICE" means leads me to be skeptical of her. Also, she seems to be moving away from running in 2020 from what I can tell... Though who knows. Seems like the entire party will run. I'm also not going to really count Warren due to all the reasons I have stated numerous times, from her underperforming in Massachusetts in a blue wave election to stepping on that DNA rake. She would be wiser putting her energy into replacing Schumer, since that needs to happen yesterday. As for Booker and Harris: Neither are leaders for progressive agenda. Rather, they jump onto the bandwagon once enough noise is made (eg. Sanders' M4A bill). I will, however, say that I'd prefer Booker of the two since he seems to have a better sense of which way the wind is blowing (eg. jumped onto that GND bandwagon, Kamala seems wishy washy). He also doesn't have a super sketchy record as an AG, though his own connections with the Kushners are not ideal. At the end of the day it comes down to who you prefer: Someone who has pushed for this agenda for decades or the johnny come lately?
  10. That actually makes sense though. Biden has cultivated a public persona of an average joe who sticks up for working Americans. Due to that it'd make sense he'd pull some support from the left and the center (Obama's VP). However, as you pointed out before, his record shows that to be total ******** so that will fall apart well before the first ballots are cast. At that point all you're really left with is a dozen centrists spouting the same lines and Sanders.
  11. Maybe for a crowded centrist field. As it stands Sanders is the only major left-wing candidate, unless you count irrelevant candidates like Ojeda and Gabbard, which will help him stand out more. Warren is also crashing and burning before we've even really gotten this started. This makes it all the more confusing as to why you think Beto and Sanders will knock each other out. The only similarities they really have is small dollar fundraising. They do not share healthcare, economic, regulatory, foreign, etc. policies. In those departments he aligns far more with the Bidens and Bookers.
  12. So why is Beto a threat to Sanders but not other centrists?
  13. In what ways are Beto and Sanders similar? Booker is Democrat Rubio.
  14. If we're just going off of ideology and records then Beto poses a greater threat to candidates like Biden. Booker and Warren aren't happening.
  15. So he's in the territory of the ticket that lost to Trump and the guy championed as a progressive yet refuses to support M4A, the GND, or other progressive policies.
  16. Great sign that he's in Tim Kaine territory.
  17. Unfair attacks like [checks notes] ... Pointing out their records.