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  1. Honestly, the last time I can remember antifa or similar groups complain about potential violence was when the right-wing militias set up sniper nests in Portland. Beyond that they tend to believe that political street fighting is their "revolution" and thus that violence is simply part of their ideology. Those right-wing groups, on the other hand, ***** and moan all the time, especially when they lose fights against people they believe should be incapable of fighting them.
  2. The Proud Boys initiate new members by beating up political opponents and antifa is comprised of communists and anarchists who view insurgency (lol) as the only meaningful political contribution. Them beating each other up shouldn't be remotely shocking.
  3. Dude thinks Nazis are left-wing.
  4. I was? I thought I was just mocking you.
  5. If the people in Portland were impersonating the right-wing groups then they'd be setting up sniper nests during the protests.
  6. Andy Ngo has made a career over palling around with far-right groups and trying to provoke their opponents during protests. This is just par for the course.
  7. Can take on wild animals but can't take on some leftist snowflakes. Sad.
  8. I'm well aware of what cement can do. It didn't have cement in it. They made it up. That was the point.
  9. Making America great again by getting your ***** kicked by a bunch of leftist snowflakes lol
  10. Though as long as we're bringing up Ngo, the guy who pals around with the Proud Boys, it is pretty funny how right-wing sensationalists claimed he had chemical burns because a milkshake was actually made of cement (lmao) and that was almost dead from a brain hemorrhage only to have him be released from the hospital as they were making those claims.
  11. They'll probably have more luck adapting the books than the video games.
  12. Beto needs to drop out before it gets more embarrassing.
  13. I don't know whether Folty or Minter is the biggest disappointment of the season.
  14. Apparently I do that when I vote blue no matter who. I'll stick with progressives. Namaste.
  15. Beyond the issue of liquids in zero gravity, it's also very difficult to get enough bloodflow to start with.