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  1. Yes. Tire yourselves out before you can face Acuna.
  2. Vlad is ridiculous.
  3. Moderate Dems are worse than useless.
  4. Ok, he's cooling off a bit.
  5. Bell is going on a tear. I fear for Acuna's chances to advance.
  6. Acuna has to have the most absurd spray chart in a HR derby in a long while.
  7. Evangelicals are the worst. Truly the scum of our country.
  8. Your source is the Pentagon saying civilian casualties went down compared to 2017. In 2017 there was a massive spike in civilian casualties. Civilian casualties went down under Trump in 2018 after increasing significantly under Trump in 2017. This isn't rocket science.
  9. *Leaves you hanging*
  10. "Less civilians died in his second year of office compared to his first! Take that!"
  11. Civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq skyrocketed because Trump increased the bombing dramatically and removed barriers to avoid innocent deaths.
  12. These PC libs always looking to be offended. Pathetic. They need to grow up! Now, please watch this clip from something I've watched many times over to find this moment that offends me.
  13. Bothered to watch the vid. Apparently, "slamming," and, "stomping," means dancing at an offscreen camera before the flag is even moved in your direction. This is stereotypical SJW levels of looking to be offended of sad.
  14. 1. Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Niger, Somalia, Syria and Iraq still 2. If he's the least interventionist president we've had over the past few decades then why would it matter? Wouldn't he be rolling back our interventions if that was the case? If you keep threatening but never do it then is it an effective negotiation tactic? Or do people just recognize it as empty bluster?
  15. The flag is about as meaningful as Freddie Falcon, yes.
  16. We're currently bombing eight countries, threatened a ground invasion against one until Russia deployed troops there, and threatening war against another.
  17. Carefully watching my national soccer team celebrate winning a tournament to find a moment where I would be offended.
  18. If we cut our military budget back from "imperial hegemony" to "strong military" we're going to suddenly implode like China did after the overthrow of the Qing?
  19. So we need imperial hegemonic military spending in case we ever have to fight countries with imperial hegemonic aspirations?
  20. 2. You said "illegal immigrants." They're 3% of the population and they contribute local and state taxes. If you want them to contribute federal taxes then see: 3. Was making fun of how you talk about capitalism like a college communist (eg. real capitalism would work if it wasn't sabotaged by outside forces!). I already knew that you were opposed to education. 4. Per capita, more in Finland. Their unemployment benefits are also better than ours. 5. Most of Germany's armed forces were on the Eastern Front by June 6th and that remained the case until the country surrendered. ****, Operation Bagration happened at roughly the same time as D-Day where the Soviets pushed all the way to the Vistula and they had over 1 million Axis troops to contend with.
  21. Though as long as we're on the, "but we need a strong military!" train of thought: 1. We don't need to spend more than the next 10 military budgets combined to have that. 2. We don't need bases all around the world to have that. 3. We don't need to piss away trillions of dollars on idiotic projects like a stealth plane that's held together by glue and can't fly in the rain to have that. You only need that if your goal is maintaining imperial hegemony and funneling public money towards your corporate benefactors.