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  1. There goes that brief moment of growth.
  2. At least you're acknowledging the states rights positions he has are racist.
  3. She even flip flops on this!?
  4. The right sure knows who to build cults of personality around.
  5. Me trying to watch this inning.
  6. There's baseball on. Why the **** are you watching the Trump parade?
  7. Which reminds me:
  8. Saw someone call him K-Mart Tucker recently.
  9. Hm, weird. Seems like all the absentee ballots were counted but almost all the affidavit ballots were tossed which netted Katz the slim lead. That's going to be challenged.
  10. Fondly remembering Sheffield now.
  11. Thank you for bumping that to the new page.
  12. The only candidate advocating for it has imploded.
  13. Give it a decade or so and this will be reality.
  14. Tried to find a clip from his Fox News town hall, since it's the most prominent example of this I can recall, but everything I'm finding is either poorly cut up news clips or very long opinion videos. He went on for a while about how unstable the current system is (eg. employers switching insurance which puts people on different networks) while M4A would provide the stability that people want and give them the freedom to actually pick their doctors and providers (single network) to go along with saving them money. I'll keep looking for a watchable clip.
  15. It's my headcanon that Steve was wearing that shirt in Atlanta when he was the subject of that "racist" verbal attack.
  16. Typically I'd agree but I'm not going to give any candidate **** for not going into depth about specifics of a policy in a 10 person debate. In that environment you need to get as much out as humanly possible in the time you can get.
  17. ??? Sanders pointed out that that you will be able to keep/choose your doctors and hospitals under M4A during the debate.
  18. They have been. That tends to happen when the moderators frame the questions that way.